Is it Right to Wear Hospital Uniform While Shopping? Netizens are Divided Over THIS Incident

The incident happened at B&M Bargains in Burton-upon-Trent in the United Kingdom

Is it safe to wear a hospital uniform while shopping? In the wake of the novel Coronavirus, the majority of people would say NO. Especially, at a time when the whole world is learning to live with the 'new normal' lifestyle, a video of a health worker that has surfaced online is leaving netizens divided.

Health worker Kimberley Simpson recently shared an experience she had to face while shopping at a supermarket in the United Kingdom. The nurse was questioned by a fellow shopper, who apparently 'shouted' at her for 'spreading virus' by wearing a hospital uniform at the store.

She also claims that the woman had warned to report about it to Simpson's manager. However, the care worker's manager consoled her saying she hasn't done anything wrong as none of their patients are COVID-19 positive.

"I know I'm an ugly cryer, but this lady has just followed me around b&m shouting at me saying I'm not allowed in the shop because I'm in uniform, apparently I'm not allowed to buy non Essential items, apparently I spread germs before and after corona, and she's reporting me to my manager who iv just spoken to and they said I'm not doing anything wrong, we have worked so hard, no clients have covid so we are clearly doing something right.

According to Simpson's Facebook post, she was disgusted by the behavior of the fellow woman, who allegedly shouted at her for more than ten minutes.

She shouted at me for a good ten mins before I decided to film her because she was following me, no staff in the shop helped me, no one stuck up for me, a polish couple told me not to cry bless them and said she's stupid, I feel disgusted at this lady's behaviour, I have done nothing wrong (sic)," reads the Facebook post of Simpson, which has been removed at the time of reporting.

The incident happened at B&M Bargains in Burton-upon-Trent in the United Kingdom.

The Other Woman's Version

Kimberley Simpson's Facebook post
Facebook post of Kimberley Simpson Kimberley Simpson/Facebook

Meanwhile, it is understood that the other woman identified as Marina Kendrick is also a nurse, who works on the Coronavirus frontline. The 53-year-old, who has been receiving death and rape threats following Simpson's Facebook posts, claims that she would do the same thing again if it happened again.

"She fully stands by what she did and she would do it again. People can call her whatever they like but she regards it as being part of her nursing code – to protect her patients and uphold her profession. That is what she signed up to do (sic)," one of her close friends is quoted as saying on DailyMail.

Netizens React

However, the incident has divided the netizens. While some support Simpson with Kendrick receiving death threats, there are many others who believe the latter's action was right.

"What a horrible human marina Kendrick. calling this nurse/carer dirty and saying she shouldn't be in a shop in uniform spreading her germs. Hope her family see it. She needs to have a bloody word with herself (sic)," reads one of the comments supporting Simpson.

"Kimberley Simpson *was* wrong. She should not be wandering around in her uniform. Essential items or not, client shopping or not, is not the point. I, for one, completely support and encourage the woman who pulled her up on it. She was not 'shouting'. There are very clear guidelines on the subject; specifically, because it does 'spread germs' (sic)," commented a netizen.

NHS Guidelines on Hospital Uniforms

According to the guidelines published by NHS England on April 2, health workers are advised to change into and out of uniform at work or cover uniform completely when traveling to and from work. However, they have also mentioned that there isn't any evidence of infection risk from traveling in uniform, but claims that many people perceive it to be unhygienic.

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