Coronavirus Nurse Who Wore Transparent Gown Gets Modeling Offer From Lingerie Brand

A 23-year-old nurse who made headlines for flaunting her lingerie under a transparent gown while treating coronavirus patients at a hospital in Tula, 100 miles south of Moscow, has been approached by a lingerie brand for modelling assignments. However, the nurse, who has now been identified as Nadia, has not given her nod for modelling in lingerie and continues doing her job at the hospital. The ''too hot'' nurse has disabled all her social media handles after her picture went viral and faced prospects of being fired from her job.

Nurse NadiaWears Transparent Gown In Coronavirus Ward
Twitter / Tulskie Novosti

After an internal investigation, it is now revealed that the nurse gets to keep her job and is not removed from duty. Nadia spoke to the local Russian newspaper Tulskaya Pressa saying her newfound "glory" was "hard to endure" and stated that all she wanted to do was help patients recover. She revealed that she went into medicine to help people and will continue doing so for many more years to come. "I'm not scared - it's my job. I always wanted to help people, bring benefits, so I went into medicine,'' she told the newspaper.

Nadia Has Not Been Fired Over The Picture

Health officials held an internal review and the head of the hospital, Dr Anna Savishcheva, revealed that nurse Nadia will not be fired from her job despite violating the uniform code. "We did not impose any disciplinary sanctions, in any case, written. The girl continues to work. This is a good employee, a professional, who provides medical care at a high level."

Nurse Wears Transparent Gown In Coronavirus Ward
Twitter / Tulskie Novosti

Savishcheva also stated that Alexey Dyumin, who is the Governor of Tula Oblast, contacted the nurse and thanked her for her relentless service at the frontlines. Dyumin is also a close aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin. As soon as her picture appeared, Dyumin met her - and was in touch with her. He chatted, supported and thanked her and all the medics for their work. The head of the hospital summed up her words by saying that the nurse was doing her job and did not strike a pose in anyway. ''The nurse did her job, she did not pose."

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