TikTok videos of nurses dancing at hospitals amid Coronavirus crisis gets slammed on social media

Nurses dancing to TikTok videos as the hospital corridors received flak from coronavirus patients family members

Nurses and health care workers around the US and the UK have posted several TikTok videos dancing in groups at the hospital ward while thousands of coronavirus patients are losing their lives to the pandemic every day. The videos have received condemnation by the family members of several patients and accused them of being ''offensive'' and ''making a mockery'' of people's suffering.

As soon as the TikTok videos went viral on social media, several Twitter users were unimpressed with the nurses behaviour and showcased their disappointment.

Twitter users fume at the nurses behaviour

Nurses TikTok Dance At Coronavirus Hospital Ward
TikTok / Helen McCarthy18

A user tweeted that her siblings are in the NHS perform their duty seriously and are wasting no time in dancing and fooling around at the hospital ward. ''I'm seriously pissed off seeing NHS staff dancing and fooling around. My brother is working 14-hour days in an ICU in London treating COVID-19 patients. My sister is still performing surgery and is separated from her son. Cancer patients are having treatment and scans cancelled.''

Another user tweeted that she was shocked seeing nurses dancing around the hospital corridors and asked them to stop it and look after their patients first. ''I am not interested by these endless showreels of nurses dancing about in hospital corridors. Either look after your patients or go and have a sitdown. This isn't #China. We don't need daily propaganda videos. #NHS #Coronavirus.''

The NHS staff are making a laughing stock out of themselves tweeted another user and called their behaviour absolutely disgusting when people are dying due to COVID-19. ''The NHS dancers are making a laughing stock out of the NHS, I think it's absolutely disgusting that they are dancing while people are dying from Covid and other people have had their life-saving operations cancelled because the NHS is overworked,'' the tweet read.

The NHS trust apologies for the TikTok dance videos

After receiving backlash from coronavirus patients family members and by the general public alike, the NHS Trust released a statement apologizing for the videos and clarified that the dance moves were made not for fun, but to uplift the morale of the health workers as their spirits were down due to several deaths in a row.

''We want to offer a wholehearted apology to those we offended with a video we posted on Twitter at the weekend. The video was intended as a show of our commitment as Livewell Southwest nurses to continue to work hard and care for people as we fight Coronavirus. Upsetting anyone was the last thing we wanted to do.''

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