Israel Announces 'Complete Siege' of Gaza as Air Force Begins 'Extensive Attack' after Cutting off Food and Electricity [WATCH]

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant has announced severe measures, including cutting off electricity to the Gaza Strip and blocking the entry of food and fuel.

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Israel has initiated a comprehensive blockade on the Gaza Strip, restricting food and electricity access. This action comes ahead of an imminent large-scale ground operation, expected to commence 'within 48 hours', following a deadly surprise assault by Hamas over the weekend. This event has been characterized as one of the most devastating days in Israel's history.

At least 700 Israeli soldiers and civilians have been killed, over 2,000 have been wounded, and Hamas has confirmed the capture of 100 since the start of the conflict. the Palestinian militant group launched rocket attacks on Saturday killing hundreds. They also targeted and gunned down around 260 innocent people at a music festival.

Israel Begins Extensive Attack on Gaza Strip

Israel war
Israel launched massive air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday killing hundreds X

Following the heinous attacks, Israel's Defense Forces (IDF) and Air Force responded with a series of air strikes and missile attacks on the Gaza Strip. They reported targeting over 1,000 Hamas sites in the past two days.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned the Israeli population, forewarning that the ongoing war would be "long and difficult" but pledged to take "mighty vengeance" against Hamas for the attacks and the ongoing conflict.

Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant has announced severe measures, including cutting off electricity to the Gaza Strip and blocking the entry of food and fuel.

This will create a siege-like situation, placing millions of Palestinians living in the confined region to starve while being subjected to aerial attacks.

On Monday morning, thick plumes of smoke were seen billowing from the Palestinian enclave as Israel struck back. Heart-wrenching videos circulated on social media, depicting traumatized civilians being rescued from the debris of densely populated residential structures.

Israel war
Israel war airstrike on Gaza strip X

The death toll from the recent conflict has surpassed 1,100, and unfortunately, it is expected to rise significantly in the coming days as more bodies are discovered.

The Israeli Air Force initiated strikes on various targets across the Gaza Strip in response to a massive rocket barrage launched into Israel by Hamas terrorists on Monday.

"The Air Force is now launching an extensive attack on many centers of the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip," the branch wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

"Even at this time, the Air Force continues to attack dozens of targets of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip," the air force posted minutes later.

"We will not stop until peace is achieved for all residents of the State of Israel."

Beginning of a Long War

Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed and buildings have been razed to the ground following the extensive airstrike by Israel on Monday. Israeli airstrikes have caused significant damage in Beit Hanoun, a town in the northeastern part of the Gaza Strip that was being used by Hamas terrorists as a staging area for their attacks.

Israel war
Scores of buildings have been razed to the ground after Israel retaliated with airstrikes on Monday X

On the ground, a massive Israeli ground assault is being prepared, set to launch within the 'next 48 hours', aimed at destroying Hamas fighters and infrastructure in Gaza. This assault is expected to result in street fighting.

Israel has already deployed special forces to regain control of four locations from Hamas fighters in the southern part of the country. The Israeli Defense Forces aim to completely dismantle Hamas' governance and influence in Palestine.

Recent updates from the Israeli army indicate that they are gaining control of communities in the southern territory near Gaza, following intense fighting with Hamas terrorists in multiple locations.

'We are in full control of the communities,' military spokesman Daniel Hagari told journalists, adding however that there still might be 'terrorists' in the area.

Israel music festival
At least 260 bodies were found piled inside a tent at teh music festival after Hamas militants rampantly killed revelers X

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said that he estimated around 1,000 Palestinian gunmen were part of the unprecedented attack on Israel that took place on Saturday. He described this event as "by far the worst day in Israeli history," highlighting the severity and scale of the assault.

"Never before have so many Israelis been killed by one single thing, let alone enemy activity in one day," he said, adding that the current death toll of 700 is expected to rise as more than 1,000 Israelis are injured, some critically.

The terrorists carried out a horrifying act, brutally killing 260 Israeli festivalgoers in a hail of bullets during the assault on the festival. Survivors recounted the traumatic experience, describing how the gunmen systematically went 'tree by tree', executing victims.

Survivors of the attack shared harrowing clips of the ordeal on social media, depicting the terrifying moments when they had to hide under bushes and record whispered farewell messages to their loved ones while witnessing the brutal killings of victims.

Israel music festival
Revelers at the music festival seen running to save their lives as Hamas militants launched an attack on them X

For hours on end, many remained motionless in extreme terror before finally hearing the voices of armed rescuers speaking in Hebrew, signaling their rescue and safety.

The Palestinian terrorist group targeted the Supernova Festival, which was underway near Kibbutz Re'im, in proximity to the Gaza Strip, during their surprise assault that began on Saturday.

Recently released dashcam footage from the incident paints a harrowing picture, revealing the gunmen executing civilians as they lay on the sand. The attackers then proceeded to search their pockets and empty bags from their cars, illustrating the brutality and heartlessness of the assault.