Shani Louk: Disturbing Video Shows Hamas Terrorists Parading Naked, Battered Body of German Tattoo Artist on Truck after Kidnapping Her from Music Festival [GRAPHIC]

Terrorists were seen gathered around Louk's body, while supporters of the group cheered, ran alongside, and spit on her.

A disturbing incident involving Hamas fighters parading a young woman's bruised and unclothed body through the streets of Israel emerged on Saturday, with unverified videos purportedly showing the sick aftermath of the terrorist organization's unexpected attack on the country. The woman has been identified as a German tattoo artist.

Shani Louk, 30, was at a music festival for peace when she was abducted by terrorists during an unexpected assault on Israel. This attack has resulted in a staggering toll, with at least 480 deaths and 3,200 injured. Unverified video footage on X shows Louk's body displayed in the back of a truck, with one leg positioned in an unnatural angle.

Ambassadors of Death

Shani Louk
Hamas terrorists seen parading the naked, battered, lifeless body of Shani Louk on the back of a truck X

Terrorists were seen gathered around Louk's body, while supporters of the group cheered, ran alongside, and spit on her. The post has so far received more than 2 million views. Hamas had initially asserted that the body belonged to a female Israeli soldier.

However, this was contradicted last night when Louk's cousin, Tomasina Weintraub-Louk, confirmed to MailOnline that it was indeed Louk. The family identified her through her distinctive leg tattoos and dreadlocked hair.

"We have heard nothing. We are hoping for positive news. It is definitely Shani. She was at a music festival for peace. This is a nightmare for our family," she told the outlet.

Several users of X expressed their shock after watching the gory video footage. "These are the people world leaders want Israel to make peace with," one user wrote on X.

"These are the people [President Joe Biden] and the [United Nations] say are good people who deserve every consideration. Pray for Israel."

Shani Louk
Shani Louk's lifeless body seen being paraded on a truck by Hamas millitants X

"Disgusting. No other words," wrote another user.

Another unverified video allegedly shows Palestinian fighters dragging the bloodied body of an Israeli soldier out of a car in the Gaza Strip.

The lifeless body is dropped on the ground as armed and masked men jubilantly celebrate. A frenzied group of men then mercilessly kicked the motionless figure repeatedly.

Terror in Israel

The tragedy unfolded as Palestinian militants launched their worst offensive in 50 years on Saturday, employing an unprecedented combination of land, sea, and air attacks. The coordinated and multifaceted assault saw Palestinian terrorists crossing into Israel from the Gaza Strip, seizing settlements, and tragically attacking and killing civilians who were celebrating a Jewish holiday.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk X

The music festival attended by Shani was one of the initial targets of the terrorist group's attack. Reports indicate that dozens were fatally shot on the spot, and others were taken hostage by the militants.

In a separate video widely circulated on social media, a woman is heard screaming, "Don't kill me!" as she is taken away on a motorbike by an armed assailant. The woman has been identified by the Daly Mail as Noa Argamani, a 25-year-old student who was abducted at the same outdoor peace festival she had attended with her boyfriend near the border.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk was identifid by the tattoo on her leg X

There are distressing concerns that dozens of people were forcibly taken from the streets and either taken back to Gaza or met a tragic fate on the spot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Saturday morning that the country was in a state of war as the chaos continued to unfold. The surprise assault had already claimed the lives of at least 22 Israelis, further emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Attendees at an outdoor gathering near Kibbutz Urim reacted in panic, scrambling to their cars and shouting in terror as a gunshot flew overhead, as depicted in a video obtained by the Jerusalem Post.

"We heard gunshots and began fleeing instantly. We are still in hiding," one attendee told the Jerusalem Post.

Hamas seen arresting an Israeli soldier X

"We were alerted by a 'red siren' [rocket warning]. Chaos ensued, especially with vehicles trying to exit. Then the gunshots started, and we began to run. We're still hiding and awaiting rescue," said another man identified only as Daniel.

The Jerusalem Post also shared a video that appeared to show an elderly Israeli woman being abducted by the terrorist organization, riding between two fighters on a motorcycle. However, the authenticity of this video could not be verified by the outlet.

Also, there were other recordings showing pickup trucks transporting smiling gunmen alongside the bodies of either deceased or injured captives through Gaza.

Crowds of hundreds of men can be seen, shouting and cheering amidst the grim and chaotic scene in these videos.

Another video, allegedly shared by Hamas, shows their fighters infiltrating southern Israel using motorized hang gliders. Meanwhile, their militants are seen engaging in house-to-house combat in the same footage.