ISIS Beheading Videos Streamed on OnlyFans Model Tina Bean's Hacked Account

Hackers targeted the OnlyFans account of model Tina Bean and streamed the horrific beheadings carried out by ISIS at unidentified locations. Apart from losing her followers Bean also lost thousands of dollars as subscription fee.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based service where people pay to see the adult content.

Tina Bean
OnlyFans model Tina Bean Twitter

Hackers Demanding Money From Bean

The 22-year model, hailing from Phoenix, was earning $2,000 per month by posting her content on the adult website. According to BBC, the model tried changing her password multiple times but wasn't able to regain the control from the hackers.

Prior to streaming the gory videos of beheading, the hackers had demanded a ransom of $150 from Bean after they took control of her account.

Speaking to the outlet, Bean said that the hackers seemed terrifying. "They seemed terrifying. I kept deleting them and changing my password but kept getting locked out of my account," she told the outlet.

The outlet further reported that the hackers went on to spam over 40 of Bean's fans and called them N-word. Not done, the hackers then stole her pictures and uploaded them on a porn site.

Site Says Bean's Account Lacked Two-Factor Authentication

Bean told the outlet that a month after repeated hacking of her account she final reported the matter to OnlyFans and temporarily disabled her account.

In a statement to the outlet, OnlyFans said the account did not have two-factor authentication, which made it vulnerable. Stating that Bean did not report the racial slur and it was not detected by the site's moderation system because it was pluralized, the company claimed that this system has now been upgraded and "in light of this particular incident", protocols have been updated to ensure that any hacked account's content is fully reviewed before access is restored.

Much to the dismay of the adult content creator, after re-joining the site Beans is able to earn $100 a week out of which the website takes 20% as the fee for her pictures and videos.

It isn't the first time that the site was hacked and its content leaked. Bella Thorne was one of the victims after her account was also hacked.