Who is Naim Darrechi? Spain Probes 'Sterile' Influencer Who Had Unprotected Sex With Multiple Women

Naim Darrechi, a famous Spanish TikTok star, came under fire after he admitted to lying about being sterile to avoid using condoms before having sex with women. Enraged, Spain's Equality Minister Irene Montero has ordered an investigation Darrechi's claims.

The 19-year-old internet sensation made his social media appearance in 2016. Hailing from Mallorca, Darrechi has 26 million followers on TikTok and 7.2 million on Instagram. His YouTube channel, which mainly comprises his original music videos and vlogs with fellow influencers, has over 3.9 million followers.

Naim Darrechi
Naim Darrechi Twitter

Darrechi Finds Sex Difficult With a Condom

The issue cropped up after Darrechi told a Spanish YouTuber about his discomfort about using condoms. In an interview with Spanish YouTuber Mostopapi Darrechi said, "I find it difficult with a condom, so I never use one."

The decision to avoid using condom was taken by Darrechi after none of his partners ever got pregnant after having unprotected sex with him. "I started thinking that I had a problem. So I tell them 'relax, I'm sterile'. It's true," said Darrechi making the interviewer laugh.

However, his disclosure did not go well with the social media users, who were quick to slam the internet sensation. "F**k you naim darrechi I hope and everything bad in this world disgusts of being human happens to you," tweeted a user while sharing his interview.

"It's 'people' like Naim Darrechi that'll turn me into a serial killer some day," wrote another.

"If you lie to ejaculate inside a woman or if you do it without asking her first you are a rapist. If you make an interview laughing about this and normalizing it you are a mysoginist and a witness. Stop consenting this abominations. #naimdarrechi #mostopapi," read another tweet.

Investigation Ordered Against Darrechi

Following the massive backlash, Darrechi took to Instagram to issue an apology. According to Euro News, in a post made on the social media platform, Darrechi said; "I'm really sorry... it's just crazy what I said. I want to apologize, really. Sometimes I don't realize the responsibility that is mine...I made a comment that really is out of place and that is not right. Sometimes I say things and sometimes I exaggerate, but here it's just crazy what I said, I wish it had been cut at the edit and no one would ever have heard it."

However, the apology of the influencer did little to dispel the simmering rage against him. Sharing the interview clip on Twitter, Spain's equality minister Irene Montero wrote: "Removing a condom or ejaculating inside someone without consent is now sexual abuse and the new law will recognize it as assault. Bragging to 26 million followers about something like this reflects the urgency of putting consent at the centre."

The outlet further reported that regional government in the Balearic Islands were investigating into reports that the social media influencer had sexually abused "an undetermined number of women".

Asking Darrechi to shut down his social media accounts, authorities issued a statement; "[Darrechi] has put many women, presumably from the Balearic Islands, at risk in terms of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies," they said.

"Given that the influencer is widespread with all women with whom he has had sexual intercourse, the Government considers that it has a duty to protect against sexual abuse and assault," it read further.