Isaiah Lee: Man Who Attacked Dave Chappelle on Stage Wrote Rap Songs Named After the Comedian and Donald Trump

Track two of his 2020 album, "Born & die in the trap", is titled "Dave Chappelle."

The man who attacked Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl is an aspiring rap star, who wrote a song dedicated to the famous comedian. Isaiah Lee, 23, who was taken into custody and charged for attacking the comedian, reportedly, put out a song named after Chappelle that references the Hollywood Bowl before attacking the comedian on stage on Tuesday.

Lee was arrested on Tuesday after he attacked Chappelle on stage with a real knife and a replica gun in front of a shocked audience. Chappelle jokingly said that the attacker was a "trans" after the attack but it later emerged that Lee is an aspiring singer and has several rap songs to his credit.

Attacked by Fan?

Isaiah Lee
Isaiah Lee being taken to hospital after security roughed him up following the attack on Dave Chappelle Twitter

According to social media, Lee raps under the name "NoName Trapper" and has a confirmed Spotify profile with approximately 6,000 monthly listeners. He is reportedly a Chappelle fan and even has a song named after the famous comedian.

Lee has also to his credit several albums. Track two of his 2020 album, "Born & die in the trap", is titled "Dave Chappelle." While most of the lyrics are muttered, Lee appears to mention getting inside the Hollywood Bowl, which is where the incident occurred on Tuesday night.

The lyrics of the songs hint at a planned attack as one of the lines in the two-minute rap song goes: "Walkin' straight into da Bowl."

Lee may have planned the attack two years back and had written and recorded that rap at that time as Chappelle had another show planned for the Hollywood Bowl in May 2020, but it was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic at that time.

However, he finally attacked Chappelle on Tuesday, following which he was arrested. Police have launched an investigation and more details are awaited. He is being held on a $30,000 bail.

Deadly Attack

Dave Chappelle knocked
Dave Chappelle seen being knocked by to the ground by a man while performing live Twitter

According to NBC News, Lee was armed with a replica gun that had a knife hidden inside at the time of the attack. When contacted by the New York Post, Lee's sister Shawne said, "At this point, we're trying to find a lawyer for my brother."

However, Chappelle is not the only one to be referenced in Lee's rap songs. He appears to rap about former President Donald Trump in another song from the same album, "Maga my n—ga," saying, "Why is everybody always hatin' on my president."

Lee shared an Instagram story just hours before Tuesday's incident, wearing the same sweater he was later spotted wearing on a stretcher after being roughed up by security during the stage-storming event.

On Tuesday, Lee made a sudden attack by jumping onto the stage while Chappelle was performing at the "Netflix Is A Joke" festival. He was caught on camera lunging at Chappelle just moments after the comic mentioned how he'd tightened up his security following his contentious statements against the trans community.

Lee was said to be carrying an imitation handgun with a blade inside at the time, according to cops.

Following the attack, he was briefly hospitalized before being arrested and taken to jail, according to authorities. The motive behind the attack is still unclear.