Graphic Video Shows Florida Teen Tyre Sampson With Unbuckled Harness Plunging to Death From 430-foot Ride

Tyre Sampson, the teen boy who died tragically after falling from a theme park ride in Orlando, had expressed concerned for the insecure safety harness during the ride, according to his father. The chilling footage has surfaced on social media showing the fatal fall of the 14-year-old.

An emergency call made to 911, after the tragic incident, also suggests that Sampson's safety harness may not have been properly secured.

Tyre Sampson
Tyre Sampson (right) unbuckled harness was hanging over his shoulders. Twitter

Teen Fell on the Ground with a Large Thud

The incident took place after Sampson, who was on a football program trip from St. Louis, slipped out of his seat on the 430-foot Orlando Free Fall ride at the ICON Park on Thursday night.

The clip which has emerged on social media shows the Sampson sitting on the ride with unbuckled harness hanging over his shoulders, reported The Sun.

The ride then suddenly moves upwards. Moments later, a body is seen flying out of the ride and landing on the ground with a large thud.

People are heard shouting as onlookers run towards the boy lying motionless on the ground. As other riders ask the operator to remove them from the ride, a man is seen rushing towards Sampson and making a call.

In the audio of the 911 call, obtained by The Sun, reveals the caller telling Fire Rescue units that the ride's staff "didn't secure the seatbelt on him."

On being asked if the teen was awake, the caller responds by saying, "Um, I'm not sure. They're saying he's breathing, but he's not responsive. Looks like his arms are broken and his legs."

"I don't know from where he fell. They [ICON park staff] didn't secure the seatbelt on him," the caller went on to add.

Sampson Left a Message For His Parents Before Fatal Fall

Another caller told 911 dispatcher that Sampson was dead. "No, he's dead. He's dead. He's gone. He's face down, there's blood everywhere. He's not breathing. I've checked his pulse, there's no pulse," the caller replied.

Speaking to WOFL-TV, Sampson's father, Yarnell Sampson said that the teen knew something was wrong the moment the ride began to go upwards.

'When the ride took off, that's when he was feeling uncomfortable. He was like 'this thing is moving,' you know what I'm saying. And he was like 'what's going on?'' Yarnell said.

Revealing that his son started to panic and gave a message to his two best friends, seated next to him on the ride, the grieving father added, "That's when he started freaking out. And he was explaining to his friends, next to him, 'I don't know man, if I don't make it down, safely, can you please tell my mamma and daddy that I love them. For him to say something like that, he must have felt something."