Iranian Man Beheads Child Bride in 'Honor Killing'; Smiles as he Walks Holding Decapitated Head And Bloody Knife [VIDEO]

A graphic video showing a grinning Iranian man roaming on the streets carrying the decapitated head of his teen wife has emerged on social media. The deeply disturbing incident, described as 'honor killing', took place in Ahvaz, a city in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, on Saturday.

The victim, identified as Mona Heydari, was accused of adultery by her husband.

Iranian man
Sajjad Heydari beheaded his wife Mona Heydari in Iran. Twitter

Victim Had Fled to Turkey Fearing for Her Life

The graphic video, shot by a passer-by, shows the victim's husband Sajjad Heydari walking through a neighborhood carrying the 17-year-old's head in one hand and a large knife dripping with blood in the other.

The New York Post reported that Mona, who was Heydari's cousin, was forcefully married to him at the age of 12 years. Quoting the Women's Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the outlet reported that during their marriage the victim reportedly suffered domestic abuse but was pressured to stay put for the sake of their 3-year-old son. Mona had earlier expressed her desire to divorce the abusive husband.

Mona had fled to Turkey where she was tracked and brought back to Iran by her father and husband a few days before her killing.

The outlet reported that Sajjad and his brother allegedly tied Mona's hands and feet before chopping off her head. After dumping the body, Heydari paraded her decapitated head in the streets.

Shock Waves Over the Incident

Iran International reported that while honor killings are frequent in some parts of Iran, Article 630 of the Constitution exempts a husband from punishment if he kills after witnessing adultery.

"According to Sharia law, only the "blood owners" (the immediate family members) are allowed to demand execution for the murder of their loved one, therefore most honor killings go unpunished since families do not demand heavy punishment for another family member," the outlet reported.

The viral video has drawn a lot of reactions from social media users who demanded justice for the victim and end to the barbaric punishment. "Iranian husband carries severed head of his wife in 'honour killing' Married her when she was aged 12! These People Are Savage Barbarians!" tweeted a user.

"What the actual F??? And we just lifted sanctions on these monsters and gave them BILLIONS of dollars, what the hell is wrong with America???" tweeted another user.

"Appalling video shows #Iran|ian man carrying wife's head after 'honor killing' The regime's misogynist ideology and fundamentalist laws are the roots that provoke such horrific measures," read a tweet.