Iran Executes Mossad's Agent, Alleges He Spied for Hostile 'Zionist Regime'

The execution took place at Zahedan prison in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan

Iranian authorities executed an unidentified man on Saturday in a move that could intensify the longstanding Arab-Israel tensions, according to statements from the judiciary. The person had been sentenced to death for allegedly working on behalf of Israel's intelligence services, Mossad.


The execution took place early in the morning at Zahedan prison in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, as reported by the judiciary's Mizan Online website. The man was convicted of "intelligence cooperation and espionage for the benefit of the hostile Zionist regime (Israel)," though his identity has not been disclosed.

The official IRNA news agency elaborated on the charges, stating that the accused had communicated with foreign services, specifically Mossad, to collect classified information.

Collaborating with associates, he allegedly provided documents to foreign services, including Mossad, with the aim of spreading "propaganda for groups and organizations opposed to the Islamic Republic." Details regarding the arrest and trial of the accused are yet to be disclosed.

This incident follows a series of similar actions by Iran, where arrests of alleged agents accused of working for foreign countries, including Israel, were made. In December 2022, Iran executed four people accused of collaborating with Israeli intelligence services.

The enmity between Iran and Israel, characterized by Iran's refusal to recognize Israel, has fueled a shadow war over the years. Tehran has accused Israel of sabotage attacks and assassinations targeting its nuclear program, while the United States and Israel have accused Iran of using drones and missiles to attack US forces and Israel-linked ships in the Gulf.

Human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have consistently criticized Iran for its high number of executions.

According to a November report from the Iran Human Rights group based in Norway, over 600 people have been executed by the Islamic Republic this year, marking the highest figure in eight years. Iran typically carries out executions by hanging, according to these reports.

This article was first published on December 16, 2023