iPhone X Face ID tricked by 2 nonidentical Chinese women

A chines woman used the face of another nonidentical woman to unlock her iPhone X.

Yan (L) and her colleague (Weibo)

Apple Inc might have downplayed the effectivity of facial recognition when it comes to non-Caucasian users of the iPhone X. According to the latest news, a Chinese woman has discovered that her iPhone X can be unlocked by another woman's face.

Contrary to what the California-based tech giant claimed, the facial recognition system on iPhone X seems to be flawed as it failed to identify the real facial features of the device owner, unlocking it by someone else's face.

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In a video produced by Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and uploaded on Weibo, a woman identified as Yan tried twice to unlock her phone using the face of another woman who is not related to her. On both tries, her iPhone X gave in and opened as if normally.

Although the two women share some common Mongoloid facial features, unlocking an iPhone X using two different faces is something that Apple guaranteed not to happen after launching the flagship phone.

Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, introduces the iPhone x during a launch event in Cupertino, California, U.S. September 12, 2017 (Stephen Lam/File Photo/Reuters)

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Yan reportedly tried to reach out to Apple's customer support to report the said facial recognition system dysfunction, but her case failed to come across the representatives, following which Yan went straight ahead to an Apple Store in China to lobby her concern.

The woman received a refund from Apple after proving that the Face ID was faulty.

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Despite that, Yan did not give up for Apple's most expensive smartphone so she bought another iPhone X. She tested the phone with a colleague, but unfortunately, the same story happened all over again.

Back in September after the iPhone X debut, Apple stressed that its facial recognition system has one in a million chance of being fooled, boasting that it is more secure than a phone's fingerprint scanner.