Man who sold his $1300 iPhone X robbed by bogus buyer at meetup [VIDEO]

David Stowers met up with the suspect at a local grocery store in Georgia, US to sell his iPhone X but ended up with a broken collarbone.

A 28-year-old American man met up with a guy who said was interested in his US$1,300 iPhone X but turns out to be a thief who wanted his expensive smartphone. The meeting ended up a physical fight between the two in a grocery store.

David Stowers got a broken collarbone after his meetup on November 11 with the fraudulent buyer. The incident took place inside a local grocery shop in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Stowers told a local TV station in Georgia that he posted his iPhone X on mobile marketplace app Letgo. He chose to meet the buyer, identified as Kevin McGhee, at the grocery store because it was the safest place in the area he could ever think of.

"It was my idea going to the Publix. It was well lit, it had close circuit television, it had a lot of traffic," said Stowers.

The victim said the store is busy so he was at ease to meet up with McGhee at 8 pm. The two sat down at a table near the dining area of the store.

"We sit down, I take the phone out of the bag, he takes it, he's looking at it. I thought something was wrong, and I got a weird feeling like it's not going to end well," narrated Stowers.

Moments after, McGhee all of a sudden made a run for his iPhone X. Stowers was able to catch up with the bogus buyer at the automatic doors as they did not open in time. Then Stowers and McGhee started to wrestle each other.

Police authorities say that McGhee, at one point, was able to body slam the victim to the ground, overpowering him. Fortunately, the store manager and another customer cut into the scene.

According to Stowers, the getaway driver went out of the car to save the chief attacker. However, police were able to respond promptly and seized the suspects. Police identified the accomplice as Michael Rogers.

Stowers is thankful to the men who helped him as the incident could have been worse.

Watch the WSB-TB report below!