iPhone users are deleting emails by mistake due to iOS 13 update; how to tackle the problem?

The iOS 13 update has repositioned the delete button to where the reply button used to be in the Mail app, resulting in users accidentally deleting their emails.

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Change isn't always a good thing. iPhone users are fuming over the latest iOS 13 update and the revamped design of the iPhone's Mail app as it is causing them to accidentally delete emails they were trying to reply to.

Apple updated the layout and added several new features to the native emailing app along with last month's iOS 13 update in a bid to discourage iPhone users from using third-party apps but it seems like it may have bungled the redesign. This is because Apple has repositioned the delete button to where the reply button used to be, resulting in users accidentally tapping the trash icon.

Before the update, the Mail app only featured the reply button on the screen's bottom right corner and had become part of users' muscle memory. So when they try to shoot a quick reply to an email, they're inadvertently deleting it instead.

"I end up deleting the email by accident instead of replying to it," one such told NBC News. "If I'm lucky, I'll remember who I was replying to and then search for their name in trash. But it's incredibly frustrating and time consuming."

Several other iPhone users, including Fox News' chief White House correspondent, John Roberts, have taken to social media to vent their frustration over the Mail app new design.

If you're struggling with the same problem, there seems to be a way around it. According to Rene Ritchie, a senior analyst at a tech-focused media company, users can avoid the confusion by enabling the "ask before deleting" feature in the app's settings, or swipe left in the app to show additional functions.

Although it's not a serious issue and the new location of the reply button will eventually be etched into users' minds, it seems like such an obvious problem to arise that one can't help but wonder how it got the approval from Apple's design team.

The iOS 13.2 update is expected to roll out before the end of this month, so it could arrive sometime in the coming week. As far as the position of the trash icon in the Mail app is concerned, there is no word on whether Apple intends to change it. If the company does listen to the plight of its frustrated users, it might fix the issue in a future iOS update.

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