iPhone SE to go on sale this month

iPhone SE units to go on sale this month in India after Apple moved its production ground in the country.

Apple has officially moved to a new ground for the assembly of its new iPhone SE units. From China and now to India, Apple has announced that the unit will start hitting the shelves in May.

iPhone SE on sale

iPhone SE units that are assembled in India will be available this month after Apple confirmed it is producing a new batch of this mid-range phone in the country. The device will only be sold in India for now in hopes to offset Apple's lag in the Asian market, particularly China.

The device is expected to hit other markets soon after the release in India. The Wall Street Journal reports that the iPhone SE might be sold on a US$100 discount.

In a press statement, Apple said, "We are beginning initial production of a small number of iPhone SE in Bengaluru". Apple added that the iPhone SE are "the most powerful and popular smartphone with a 4-inch display in the world".

The units are assembled by Apple's Taiwanese manufacturing partner Wistron Corp.

In November 2016, President Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed to bring the manufacturing of its products back to the US. The following month, a rumour broke out that the Cupertino firm is bringing the production in India instead. The rumour was strengthened after Cook paid a visit to Bengaluru in southern India.

Apple's sales forecast

In another news, Apple's sales in the coming year have been seen to decelerate. A survey data conducted by Morgan Stanley reveals that only 12 percent of the 1,000 non-Apple users consider switching over to Apple.

This may not be remarkably huge but the marketing company underscored that this had been the pace of the company's sales in the last few years. This trend is particularly mapped out in Asian markets, which is dominated by Chinese players, including Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo.