iPhone SE
iPhone 5s and iPhone SE get massive price cuts in India

Apple has long been trying to capture the lucrative smartphone business in emerging markets like India. With the Indian government recently accepting Apple's plea for assembling iPhones in the country, the Cupertino Company is cutting all corners to conquer the budget-conscious market in the sub-continent.

The iPhone maker is all set to sell its iPhone 5s and iPhone SE with massive price cuts for local consumers. The former will be the cheapest iPhone to be sold online in the country at a price tag of Rs. 15,000.

On the contrary, the iPhone SE will be the cheapest iPhone to be sold offline at a discounted price of Rs. 20,000. Apple is expected to further reduce the iPhone SE's price (below Rs. 20,000) by giving cashback offers through its sales partners.

With Apple saving nearly 10-12% on the production costs due to local assembling and considerable tax concessions from the Indian government, the entry-level iPhones are expected to sell damn cheaper across the sub-continent in the coming days.

iPhones sold online in India account for nearly 50-55% of the overall smartphone sales in the country. Consequently, Apple seems to be doing the right thing in its bid to capitalise on the lucrative budget-smartphone market in the sub-continent.

[Source: GadgetsNow]