iPhone 7 prices ranked by country
iPhone 7 price ranked by country: Cheapest and most expensive places to buy

Deutsche bank's annual report titled 'Mapping the World's Prices' has just been released by strategists Jim Reid and Sukanto Chanda as part of their survey involving the price comparison for a wide range of commodities being sold across the world. The latest report ranks the prevailing iPhone 7 prices in 33 countries across the globe.

"If you find yourself on holiday in Turkey, Brazil, Russia or Greece try to avoid the Apple store as iPhones are 25-50% more expensive than in the US – still the cheapest place to buy. Japan,
Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada only see a small premium over US prices," Reid writes in his research note advising prospective iPhone 7 buyers.

The iPhone 7 continues to be an expensive buy in Turkey, Brazil, Russia and Greece wherein the handsets are 25-50% more expensive than in the US, while other countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada are available for a small premium over the existing US price.

The combination of political instability in Turkey and the big ramp in US dollar appreciation against global currencies after Donald Trump's win smashed the Lira late last year, reports Business Insider.

The additional local taxes and duties levied on OEM sold products that are not made locally, have pushed the iPhone 7 price upwards of $1,000. Meanwhile, a similar iPhone 7 model with 128GB storage costs just around $815 in the US.

Brazil stands second in the list of most expensive countries, while the European countries seem to carry slightly expensive price tags in comparison to the US owing to the additional VAT imposed on goods sold in the EU region.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the following price charts handy while you plan to grab an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, during your next overseas trip:

iPhone 7 price list
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