iPhone 8 might drop idea of wireless charging after Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

Apple partners Broadcom to create customised wireless charging system.

iPhone 7 wireless charging

The iPhone 8 launch remains to be the most anticipated event of the year, especially as it will debut several new features such as waterproof capablity, new stainless steel chassis sandwiched between glass panels, curved edges and a much bigger display. Rumors also have it that the tech giant is finally getting rid of their iconic home button, embedding a fingerprint sensor in the display and also incorporate a 3D facial recognition scanner.

Perhaps, among all the power-packed hardware, the most important feature of iPhone 8 that appears in the spotlight is the wireless charging.

iPhone 8 battery is expected to be bigger than ever with the addition of new wireless charging feature. But the latest report speculates that Apple might shy away from rolling out the feature this year, due to the disastrous outcome with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

According to JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur, Apple has partnered Broadcom to develop a customized wireless charging system. Sur also adds that the two tech giants have been working on the solution for over two years now. However, Apple might hold back the rollout owing to concerns with "the battery-related recall of the Samsung's Galaxy Note 7."

Reports claim that Apple is being extra cautious to avoid potential battery problems or any other future danger that would harm the users and their reputation. However, Samsung in its investigation report stated that the faulty batteries were the main culprits behind the device to get heated up and catch fire. The South Korean smartphone makers didn't point out the wireless charging system to be at any fault.

Sur also added that, "We believe the glass back cover is conducive to wireless charging as it reduces signal interference versus a metal casing. It is possible for Apple to add proprietary features such as fast charging or extended charging to differentiate itself from the pack and enhance the value of its own hardware ecosystem."

Earlier there was a report that a start-up company Energous might supply wireless charging tech to Apple, as the start-up is developing a wireless charging that recharges batteries from across the room. But this probability has already been shot down.

Meanwhile, highly-credible KGB analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said recently that all three of Apple's new flagship iPhones this year will support wireless charging.

So, it's really not clear if Apple will come up with the incredible wireless tech along with the iPhone 8 as their 10th anniversary gift to the users or we have to wait some more to see wireless charging system getting along an Apple device.