iPhone 12 leak reveals 5G support for all models coming out in 2020

A new report suggests that Apple will be adding 5G support to not one but all three of its iPhone 12 devices coming out in 2020.


It appears that Apple's upcoming line of iPhone 12 devices will include 5G support. After leaving the fifth-generation cellular network technology out of this year's iPhone 11 series, a new report suggests that the technology company will launch a trio of 5G iPhones next year.

In an attempt to reclaim its crown as the world's most innovative tech company, Apple has given suppliers the go-ahead to start production on its first-ever 5G iPhone devices next year, with all three flagship models expected to include the "most advanced mobile processors available and leading-edge screens," according to Nikkie Asian Review.

Sources revealed that all three of the new iPhones coming in 2020 will be equipped with Qualcomm's X55 modem chips, which would not have been possible had Apple and the chip manufacturer not reached a settlement over their two-year-old patent licensing dispute in April, as reported earlier.

Apple plans to ship 200 million phones in 2020, which will be bolstered by the launch of four new iPhone models, the report added. These include the three flagship devices that the California-based tech giant unveils every September and an iPhone SE 2, a budget-friendly iPhone that will serve as a successor to the 2016's iPhone SE model. The iPhone SE 2 is rumoured to launch in the spring.

Apple has been late to the 5G party. While its iPhone 11 lineup this year only came with 4G wireless technology, their rivals like Samsung, Huawei, as well as second-tier competitors like Oppo and Xiaomi, have already launched 5G devices.

"Apple is lagging behind somewhat in introducing 5G products and it definitely wants to catch up," IDC market research agency analyst Joey Yen told Nikkei. "5G is one of the fanciest marketing buzzwords around ... [especially] in such a mature and competitive market. It is a feature that can grab consumer attention and [allow companies to] claim they are technology leaders."

In addition to the Qualcomm-powered modem, Apple will also use the "world's most advanced 5-nanometer chip technology" by partnering up with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and making the A14 processor that will feature on the upcoming iPhone 12 models.

Moreover, previous rumours and leaks have suggested the inclusion of a 3D sensing rear-camera that can scan the environment and detect objects for more realistic augmented-reality experiences.

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