iOS 11 beta 7: Tweaks before final iOS 11 release

Check out here some of the iOS 11 beta 7 tweaks and changes!

Apple is now drawing near to the final and official iOS 11. Now that the iOS 11 beta 7 is available to download, it seems like Apple is finally wrapping up the beta versions as there have only been few changes made, most of which are just minor.

Before you get the final iOS 11 though, we have listed below some of the iOS 11 beta 7 tweaks and changes. Check it out!


The time on the lockscreen gets a slight change with its size shrunk a little bit. Also, when the phone is turned on or off, the blackout that slowly fades in before is now patched.

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Viewing your iPhone in landscape mode has been optimised with a bit of tweak in the placement of the time and other elements onscreen.

Coversheet music player

The music on your coversheet is slightly tweaked as well. The previous build renders a popping animation effect of the music player when the sheet is pulled down. With iOS 11 beta 7, sliding it down becomes smoother for the music player.

Lock animations

When unlocking an iPhone running iOS 11 beta 6, the lock and unlock animation is quite delayed. With beta 7, it becomes smoother.


Some icons have changed as well as the descriptions.


Lightning adapter sometimes finds it difficult to charge the device and sync contents with connected devices. It has been solved. The iOS 11 beta 7 also fixes square payments reader's crash issues.

The iOS 11 beta 7 comes with a few other minor changes. With few and minor changes, it only means that the final and official iOS 11 update is indeed coming very soon.