Apple's 'how-to' videos for iPad Pro hints iOS 11 is almost here! [VIDEOS]

Apple's video tutorials for iPad Pro and iOS 11 is a clue that the software update is just around the corner.

The official iOS 11 release is just around the corner as Apple just revealed a series of how-to videos to make the most out of the software update with the iPad Pro. The showcased features in these clips reveal some of the new and improved functionalities confirmed for release with iOS 11.

Hyped to arrive in the fall, the final and official iOS 11 seems to be coming earlier than expected. Based on Apple's recent progress, the Cupertino iPhone maker is hinting that the iOS 11 debut is almost here.

On Friday, Apple unveiled six videos on YouTube showing off how iPad Pro owners can take advantage of the iOS 11 update. As the iPad Pro 9.7" and iPad Pro 12.9" tablets received mixed reviews at launch, Apple went innovative this time to help promote its flagship tablet.

While the new generation iPad models are lauded for its powerful system performance and stunning graphics rendering, critics said the price point of the tablets is not logically in place with the early release. In hopes to justify the hefty price of the devices, the videos could help Apple convince consumers that the 2017 iPad Pro variants are worth every single buck.

In the clips, the highlighted iOS 11 features are the more efficient multitasking system, easier document scanning, signing and sending, multiple images to drag and drop, new Files app, Apple Pencil marking and the improved Dock.

Here are the six video tutorials teaching iPad Pro users how to use iOS 11 to the fullest:

Get things done more quickly

Drag and drop multiple images

Scan, sign and edit documents effortlessly

New Dock

New Files app

Apple Pencil marking

What is your favourite iOS 11 feature so far? Comment down below your thoughts!

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