iOS 11 beta 6: Tweaks before the final iOS 11 release

Check out the new changes in iOS 11 beta 6.

Apple has surprisingly rolled out the iOS 11 beta 6 earlier than expected. Previous versions brought in tonnes of changes so is the latest beta.

From more than 60 noted changes, here are some of the most significant tweaks and improvements you will notice on iOS 11 beta 6.


With iOS beta 6, the lockscreen animation has been updated back to the original. When you unlock the device, the Home screen zooms in normally instead of sliding up. However, swiping you app panels becomes a bit slower this time primarily because the zoom-in animation is more complex than slide-up.

Music app

Apple's stock music player has also changed a little bit. When you pause the music right on the player itself, you can no longer see a shortcut of the paused player when the phone is locked. On the lockscreen, the animation when sliding down the music player has also gone back to the original.

Search results

The default search box has been compacted. In addition, Apple has made the search app more intuitive, giving you highly relevant results compared to the previous beta version.

App icons

App icons on the Home screen go through changes. Apple Park, the stock map, has the biggest change, while the App Store icon now is like made of rounded white objects instead of the paint brushes forming a triangle. The Clock icon's numbers and time indicators have become bolder.

AirPods animation

Once connecting to the AirPods, a new animation pops out on an iPhone's screen. The AirPods on screen spin once triggered.

Other changes

Apart from the aforementioned tweaks and improvements, iOS 11 beta 6 also brings in some updates to screenshot, 3D Touch, Wallet, screen recording, Photos app, status bar, Playing AirPlay indicator, Live wallpapers, Reminder, Auto-brightness and so much more.

Meanwhile, iOS 11 beta 6 is also available to public testers as iOS 11 public beta 5.