Chances are some of the apps that you may have loved to use on your iPhone, may not be around once you decide to update to iOS 11. When one browses through the latest public beta for iOS 10.3, the user will come across a newly introduced settings menu called "app compatibility" which already lists the apps in your phone that will become obsolete with the new forthcoming update.

Even at the developers' end of the line, Apple has been issuing them notifications in the recent times, which clearly mentions that the developers need to build apps that make use of 64-bit processors or to update their old 32-bit code app to make sure it is compatible with the new norm of things. When they tried to run their old app in the beta platform of iOS 10.3, the warning "this app will not work with future versions of iOS" popped up.

So how big a hit is it going to take be on your app preferences? Well, according to the analytics firm, SensorTower, the number is around 187,000 which is about 8% of the total amount of 2.4 million active apps that are available worldwide on iOS platforms.

Although, it is expected that every developer will update their apps to be compatible with the new changes, however, it may not be the case on several grounds like lack of demand and not enough feasibility. Gaming apps are expected to be hit the most with this shift, while shopping apps are going to be least affected by this change.