iOS 10 - 10.2 jailbreak: Solution to 7-day signing limitation for Yalu coming soon

Saurik hints at an imminent solution to 7-day signing limitation for Yalu jailbreak, in his recent post on Reddit.

Solution to 7-day signing limitation for Yalu coming soon
Solution to 7-day signing limitation for Yalu coming soon

Avid iOS jailbreakers are in for some exciting news as the Cydia creator Saurik (aka Jay Freeman) has hinted at releasing a permanent solution to circumvent the issue of 7-day signing limitation with the Yalu1011 and Yalu102 jailbreak tools. Apple's recent effort to ramp up iOS security level with Kernal Patch Protection has caused enough frustration to the jailbreak community in recent times and Saurik's assurance to bypass the signing mechanism comes as a big reprieve.

Saurik comments on Reddit
Saurik hints at an imminent solution to 7-day certificate limitation for Yalu jailbreak

Here's what (see screenshot above) Saurik had to comment in response to the ongoing discussions on Reddit regarding the 7-day signing predicament.

Saurik's response on Reddit clearly confirms the arrival of a more sophisticated solution to get rid of the certification issue that has plagued jailbreakers ever since the days of iOS 9 and iOS 10, when Apple beefed up security measures to discourage jailbreaking its devices.

Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult to gain persistence with boots in the form of an untethered jailbreak. In other words, the newer jailbreaks like Home Depot and Yalu no longer support untether solution due to the complexity involved with Kernel Patch Protection and hence require re-jailbreaking app to be installed on the device.

Furthermore, use of re-jailbreaking apps to unlock the state of the device required authentication in the form of signed certificates to be run by the user. However, the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3 offers a one-year enterprise certificate and thereby reduces the effort of signing into the app frequently, unlike the Yalu jailbreak.

The prolific Italian hacker Luca Todesco had earlier suggested the use of browser-based exploits for jailbreaking iOS 10, which bypasses the need to use a developer certificate with 7-day signing window.

Nevertheless, Saurik is reportedly working on a better solution for providing a permanent fix for the signing issue, in partnership with an unidentified jailbreak developer. Here's what Saurik added to his earlier statement on Reddit:

Saurik adds to earlier statement on Reddit
Saurik adds to earlier statement on Reddit

Meanwhile, Todesco has also commented on the arrival of some solution for the 7-day signing limitation in his recent post via Twitter:

Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiop
Luca Todesco suggests that an imminent solution for the the 7-day signing limitation will be coming soon. Twitter

Although a bunch of third-party hacks are being used to bypass the signing limitation, both Saurik and Todesco have advised the jailbreakers from using it.

Tampering with the system dates, using hacked developer accounts through illegal websites, and some hideous tweaks to bypass the signing requirements, are a few of those unconventional ways to risk your jailbreak as well as the security of your device.

It is very likely that Saurik will be rolling out a solution for the certification issue in less than a week's time. So, there is absolutely no need to endanger your device with malware-ridden third-party tools in order to circumvent the signing requirement.