Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak
Italian hacker Luca Todesco confirms the arrival of Yalu jailbreak for iPhone 7 via Twitter.

Renowned Italian hacker and jailbreak developer, Luca Todesco (aka qwertyoruiop), has currently limited the Yalu jailbreak support (in its seventh beta iteration) for a handful of 64-bit devices running iOS 10 – 10.2 which includes iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and others, but excluding the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiop
Luca Todesco confirms Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak coming to iPhone 7

The hacker has recently tweeted to his fans and followers confirming that the yalu jailbreak will soon be updated to support iPhone 7 and 7 Plus handsets, while there is no specific release date or details on its current progress.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 7 users must be really relieved to know that their flagship phones are still having some chance for jailbreaking in the near future. Prospective jailbreakers are advised to stay on iOS 10.2 firmware as Apple has patched up all known jailbreak exploits used in Yalu102, in its latest iOS 10.2.1 update.

Furthermore, the iPhone maker has closed the signing window for iOS 10.2 and hence there is no way to downgrade from iOS 10.2.1 or upgrade older iOS 10 versions to iOS 10.2 using iTunes.