International Suicide Aid Scheme: Kenneth Law, Former Canadian Chef Charged With 14 Second-degree Murder

His suicide aid scheme spreads across multiple countries.

In what appears to be a gruesome suicide aid scheme orchestrated by a 58-year-old former Canadian chef named Kenneth Law, several shocking revelations have emerged, exposing the roots of his criminal activities spanning multiple countries. The former chef from Ontario, currently in police custody, faces charges of 14 second-degree murders.

Who is Kenneth Law?

Kenneth Law

Kenneth Law, a 58-year-old former chef from Ontario, Canada, has become the focal point of a serious controversy. he is accused of selling lethal substances sodium nitrite and other items online to people potentially at risk of self-harm.

On his personal website, Law said he received his engineering degree from the University of Toronto in 1989 and then pursued an MBA at York University seven years later. He was accredited in 1992, according to Professional Engineers Ontario.

In 2012, he entered into a fee remission program at the professional association, according to The Globe and Mail in Canada. He filed for bankruptcy in April 2020, with documents seen by The Times showing he had debts of around £78,000. In the documents, Law says that he had only £2,161 of assets to his name, including a 20-year-old Lincoln Town Car, tools and furniture.

This was only four months after he allegedly registered some of the websites, he is accused of using to post poison packages to suicidal people for a fee. He was renting a basement flat in an upmarket detached building in Mississauga, a city nearly 25 miles from Toronto, at the time of his arrest.

Law is believed to have sent as many as 1,200 packages to people through multiple websites, in more than 40 countries since 2020. He faces 14 charges in Canada alone, and investigations within the country and around the world are ongoing including in the USA. Initially facing charges related to assisting suicide, Law's legal predicament has now escalated dramatically. His lawyer confirmed on Monday that Law is now grappling with a daunting 14 charges of second-degree murder.

International Suicide Aid Scheme Unearthed

Recent revelations have exposed Law's alleged involvement in an intricate international suicide aid scheme, with the accused purportedly linked to multiple deaths. Official documents from the Ontario Court of Justice in Newmarket reveal a total of 28 charges against Law - 14 for aiding suicide and another 14 for second-degree murder.

The Extent of the Allegations

Extensive investigations, drawing on official records, statements, and interviews with affected families, suggest that Law's purported actions may have resulted in a staggering 117 deaths worldwide. Operating since 2020, Law is suspected of dispatching approximately 1,200 packages to individuals in over 40 countries.

Global Impact

The impact of Law's alleged activities extends internationally, with authorities in New Zealand, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland confirming the delivery of packages to addresses within their jurisdictions. Beyond Ontario, multiple Canadian police forces are revisiting past sudden deaths in light of the serious allegations against Law.

Legal Ramifications

Despite the global reach of Law's alleged actions, he has yet to face charges on a broader scale for his online ventures. However, there are indications of an advancing FBI investigation in the United States.

In Pennsylvania, local police have handed over an investigation into the death of a teenager to the FBI, aiming to explore potential links to Law. Gerald Cohn, whose brother Benjamin tragically died by suicide in February, recently met with FBI agents from Chicago regarding the case. The situation is rapidly evolving, and Law's alleged international impact is under intense scrutiny.