Instagram Model Sparks Anger for Wearing Coronavirus Face Mask as Underwear

Instagram Model Wears Face Mask as Underwear

As soon as the coronavirus lockdown was announced by world leaders, Instagram models have spiced up their social media handles by posting raunchy pictures and in the pretext of going viral to gain more followers and likes, a few of them went ahead by wearing coronavirus face masks and toilet paper as underwear, in a time when several people have still not got their hands on as it's off the shelves.

Model Jill Hardener hailing from Germany recently posted a picture where she's seen using 3 face masks to cover her assets and caption it as, ''Who would date me like this? #safetyfirst.'' As soon as the picture was posted, many users pointed out the fact that the face masks are required to fight coronavirus and should not be used to gain followers.

The backlash was fierce with dozens of commenters calling her ''an attention seeker'' at the cost of people's lives while the other said that she "wasted protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.''

Medical Worker Replies to the Model

Jill Hardener Model Coronavirus FaceMask Underwear
Instagram grab/ Jill Hardener

A medical worker, who's fighting the battle against coronavirus at the frontlines replied to the provocative picture by saying that it breaks her heart to see people misusing medical equipment at a time when thousands of people have still not got their hands on a mask due to hoarding. She said, "I agree! As a frontline worker this breaks my heart and makes me so angry.''

She revealed that hospitals ask for donations of these masks to protect patients and medical staff who are battling the pandemic every day and called out Jill Hardener's cheap thrills and gimmicks as downright ridiculous. The medical worker stated that staffers have all been wearing the same mask for weeks due to unavailability.

"We are needing donations of these masks. And before someone says this won't protect. It will! We are having to wear the same masks for months and we risk getting exposed multiple times! We need the mask for patients to wear and to cover our masks that we re use to prevent exposure! This is downright ridiculous."

Several users commented on the medical worker's remarks and lambasted the model and even asked Instagram to ban her from the platform. "Why waste masks like that when the world is screaming for PPE for front lines workers. You should be ashamed of yourself," said a user.

Another commented, "People are dying and masks aren't available. You should get banned from Instagram. Why don't you donate the masks you are getting to hospitals? Don't waste them like this." However, despite all the negative comments and backlash, Jill Hardener has not deleted the picture.

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