Instagram Blocks Unknown Adults From Messaging Teenagers; More Safety Features

Nothing is private in life when it comes to using social media platforms. While most of the messaging and video calling platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Telegram have end-to-end encryption according to their respective privacy policies, Facebook and Instagram are the two which leave millions of teenagers vulnerable due to their weak features.

Hence to make Instagram more secure, the app giant has announced new safety features for teenagers. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has listed out four new features in a blog post which are as follows:

No More DMs From Unknown Adults

This feature will restrict DMs between teenagers and adults they don't follow on Instagram. The platform will prevent unknown adults from sending messages to those under 18 who don't follow them. This also means if an adult tries to DM a teenager, who doesn't follow them, then they will receive a notification that sending a direct message is not an option. Sharing the benefits of this feature the company said that the feature relies on its work to predict people's ages using the 'machine learning' technology and the age of the users when they sign up on the platform.

Instagram To Launch New Safety Features for Teens Reuters

Feature Prompting Teenagers To Be Cautious

Another feature of the platform will encourage teenagers to be cautious. The platform will show them a safety notice in DMs. These safety notices will alert teens when an adult is detected exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior while interacting with them through DMs. Moreover, there will be an option to end the conversation, block, report or restrict the person in the safety notice.

Instagram To Restrict Adult With Suspicious Behavior

The company also revealed that in the coming weeks it is going to explore ways to make it difficult for adults who have been exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior for interacting with unknown teenagers exploiting the platform. The company has suggested that it will restrict adults from seeing teenagers in the 'suggested users' category which will prevent them from discovering teenager content in 'Instagram Reels' or 'explore.' The platform will automatically hide the comments of the suspicious adult on public posts by teenagers.

Encouraging Teenagers To Make Their Account Private

Another feature of Instagram will encourage teenagers to set their account in private mode. Those under the age of 18 who has set their account public will be notified by Instagram with a message that highlights the benefit of making their account private and remind them to change their settings for safety.

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