Nikole Mitchell: Pastor Turned Sex Worker for 'Onlyfans' Stuns in Black Swimsuit

Onlyfans model cum 'sex worker' Nikole Mitchell has challenged society with her bold decisions in life. From living the life of a church pastor to becoming a stripper for the adult platform Onlyfans, Nikole Mitchell has shocked the entire world with her daring stunt.

The mother-of-three has taken the internet by storm with her sexy photos and videos on her social media platforms. In her latest sultry update, Nikole shared a stunning picture rocking a black bikini swimsuit on Instagram. In the eye-popping picture, Nikole is seen flaunting her cleavage while she smiled looking towards the ground to pose for the camera.

The sizzling photo has caught the attention of millions of fans worldwide as it garnered much likes and views within a very short period. Nikole, who thinks her life as a pastor wasn't fulfilling is now earning millions for her Onlyfans hot videos and photos. The popular stripper in an exclusive interview shared her life story which left people stunned. The 36-year-old woman amused people with her empowering message on how she transitioned from being a pastor to become a billionaire with Onlyfans, where she often posts her naked photos.

Earlier, Nikole even gushed on being invited to the famous Jimmy Kimmel's Live Talk Show. The diva took to her official Instagram account, and wrote: "Guess who was just asked to be on Jimmy Kimmel again?! This bit*h!" Mitchell, who is now fascinated with her life as a stripper earlier said that patriarchy taught her that she doesn't belong in positions of power. But the bisexual model chose to live her dreams by challenging society and its ways of life and embrace the entertainment industry.

Nikole Mitchell
Nikole Mitchell stuns in black swimsuit Instagram

Nikole Mitchell: I'm a "sex" worker

After 33 years of her pastoral life, Nikole is now grabbing much attention with her performances on adult site "Onlyfans". Sharing her latest snap on Instagram, the model said: "Packing up my family and leaving all my friends and family behind in the Midwest for the chance of a new life in California was so, so, so worth it." Recently, the diva proudly said, I was a pastor, now I'm a sex worker," during an interview with a leading media outlet.

Nikole Mitchell proved that she can live her life on her own terms, unlike most people. Her daring attitude took her to the top of what she desired ever since she was a child. Here are some of the best shots of the pastor-turned-sex-worker Nikole Mitchell:

Nikole Mitchell Hot Pic

Nikole Mitchell Naked Photo

Nikole Mitchell Bikini Picture