Influencer Poses at Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Sparks Outrage After TikTok Video Goes Viral

The influencer was seen posing on one of the memorial's concrete slabs as a photographer took pictures of her.

A viral TikTok video from the popular account @influencersinthewild has sparked backlash after it showed an influencer posing at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany, which many dubbed as "disrespectful."

The video which has amassed nearly 12 million views was shared on Saturday along with a caption that read, "Don't do this, ever.

Holocaust Memoral
Stills from the video show the influencer posing on one of the memorial's concrete slabs. TikTok

The text overlay in the video reveals the location as the Holocaust Memorial as a German influencer is seen sitting on one of the concrete slabs, posing for a photoshoot with a photographer.

As the videographer films the video, a woman behind the camera is heard saying, "I'm horrified beyond words." Watch the video below:

The memorial, also known as the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineered by Buro Happold. The memorial, a 200,000-square foot site covered with 2,711 concrete slabs, was constructed to commemorate the deaths of six million Jews in Europe during World War II.

Social Media Reactions

Not long after the video went viral, the comments section was flooded with posts calling out the influencer for using the memorial to get likes on social media.

"I really love the idea that my relatives were shot in the backs of their heads and buried in shallow graves by the Nazis 80 years ago, just so some dumb f*cking shiksa could use their memorial for likes. That's absolutely charming," wrote one user.

"The lack of sympathy and the level of disrespect that people display at the Holocaust memorials is staggering. It literally blows my mind that people are so damn callous," commented another.

"She's not 'just taking a picture.' She's MODELLING. At the HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL," opined yet another. "Disgusting and tasteless."

Last week, a Miami-based influencer drew criticism on social media after she posted photos of herself posing in front of her father's open casket at his funeral, as previously reported.