It has been confirmed that Lee Hyori will be appearing on a future episode of MBC's variety program, "Infinite Challenge." Her agency Kiwi Media Group on May 24 stated, "They have not decided on a filming schedule or a specific format for the episode. Lee Hyori is currently discussing these with the production staff."

The said episode will reportedly air around next month. When Lee Hyori appeared on the show last time which was three years ago, she had to reveal her and her husband's home in Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, the show won the first place as the most loved TV program in Korea.

According to Soompi, Gallup Korea announced on May 23 that the said variety show won the first place for "2017 May's Most Loved TV Program By Koreans" by scoring ratings of 9.9%. Since 2013, Gallup Korea has been providing popularity measures of real life TV program in Korea.

The show took a week long hiatus from January 28, yet it maintained its position as the longest running No.1 variety show in Korea even during its leave.

For a brief period of time "Infinite Challenge" briefly shared its first place with JTBC's "Ssul Jeon," in April.

In the recent weeks, MBC's variety show aired innovative and hilarious episodes like "Hidden Card" and "Future Entertainment Research Institute."