'Homophobic' SRO Calls Gay Teen Student 'Girl' , 'B*tch' in Leaked Audio Recording; Smyrna High School Says Clip Heavily Edited

A School Resource Officer at Smyrna High School, is under fire after he was caught hurling homophobic slurs at a student in an audio clip. The viral clip prompted the Tennessee sheriff's department to investigate the incident.

SRO Called Hispanic Boy a "Girl" and a "Bitch"

The 45-second audio clip reveals the conversation between Matt King and the 14-year-old student. In the audio clip, an adult identified by the department as Rutherford County Sheriff's deputy and Smyrna High School resource officer Matt King asks, "Are you a girl?"

When the victim clears that he is a male, the SRO replies, "Are you sure, because you f**kin' fight like a girl; pulling someone's hair? That's a f**king bitch move, man."

Later when the student is trying to explain that the fight started after the boy was inappropriately touching the victim's best friend, the deputy is heard shouting, "Oh, shut up!" It ain't your fucking fight!" He is also heard telling the other person "We'll shut this girl up and all."

Advocate reported that the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident. The outlet reported that in a statement issued by Rutherford County Schools director of communications James Evans claimed that the clip was heavily edited.

"We have reviewed an unedited version of the conversation and none of our employees or administrators were present during the conversation. The student in the situation was disciplined and charged with assault of another student. Because the situation involves juveniles, we cannot release specifics," Evans said. "We can confirm the fight was not the result of a sexual assault on our campus. That rumor is completely without merit," Evans added.

Social Media Wants King Fired

Medium reported that the victim, who is a Hispanic, secretly recorded the conversation on his iPhone and sent the audio to his older brother soon after.

The incident has led to a widespread resentment on social media which several users demanding the removal of the SRO. "Straight, yte, School Resource Officer Matt King of Smyrna High School in Smyrna, TN in Rutherford County, TN was recorded berating a gay, Latinx teen who fought against a student who was sexually assaulting his friend. Yes, their ethnicities matter. You can hear the white hood," tweeted a user.

"SRO Matt King needs to lose his job & Rutherford Co School district & Smyrna High School needs to hold the bully accountable for his behavior," wrote another.

This article was first published on September 17, 2022