Indian Man Turns Sex Worker Due to Lockdown Job Loss, Wife Files for Divorce

An Indian woman filed for divorce after she found out that her husband was working as a sex worker after he lost his job in a BPO company.

An Indian man lost his job and became a commercial sex worker, keeping it a secret from his wife. However, eventually the wife found out about her husband's secret job and has now filed for a divorce. The man said that he loved his wife but liked his new job too.

The 27-year-old man from Bengaluru, in the southern state of Karnataka, had lost his job during coronavirus pandemic. Even after trying for a while he did not get any new job. Thus to survive he started working as an escort. When his wife found out about his new job, she was furious and asked for a divorce. The couple attended counselling sessions, but could not sort out their differences. Currently, they have filed for a mutually-consented divorce petition in the court.

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BPO Worker Becomes Escort

The couple first met at the cafeteria of a BPO office in Bengaluru city in 2017. As co-workers they met each other frequently and started dating. The couple got married in 2019 and rented a house in the city. But due to the pandemic, the man lost his job.

After a couple of months, his wife got suspicious about the man's activities. He was hiding things from her and was making untimely visits to places and people she had no idea about. He was not even ready to talk about it to her. When at home he was busy on his laptop or phone.

The woman then took her brother's help to hack her husband's laptop. She was shocked to find a secret folder which had photos of him with other women in compromising positions. He found nude photos of her husband and other women. She decided to ask him directly about this.

When questioned, initially the man said that the man in the photograph was not him. But when she questioned him multiple times, he confessed to have been working as an escort. The man is said to have agreed to work as a sex worker for Rs 5,000 ($67) for one hour and is said to have had many clients in Bengaluru.

Shocked, his wife contacted the women's helpline and sought help to separate from him. The couple was then called in for counselling, where the man admitted that he was working as an escort. But he told the counsellor that he liked his job. When asked about the family, he told that he did love his wife and agreed to quit his profession. He said that he did not want to separate from his wife. But the wife told that she didn't want to be in a relationship with him anymore and demanded a divorce.

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