Man Plans to Divorce Wife Over Her OnlyFans Account, Says He & His Daughter Can't Stand the Shame

A man admitted on Reddit that he plans to divorce his wife after she started an OnlyFans account, as she is stripping to strangers for money.

The husband said his wife was mostly active on Instagram gaining thousands of followers for her beauty and a friend of hers, who also has an account on the x-rated site, suggested her to capitalize on her fame and start off an OnlyFans account to make big money.

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That is when the wife signed up to OnlyFans by selling exclusive pictures for a price and gained large following with fans who followed her from Instagram to the saucy website paying a premium to see more of her.

The married man admitted that he knew his wife was a ''free spirit'' woman but her decision to join the adult site has left him angry and has affected his 11-year-old daughter.

The man said his daughter's friends are also on Instagram and when her mother shared a poll on her Stories asking people if she needs to join OnlyFans, her friends began bullying her making her feel uncomfortable.

He revealed that after seeing the Instagram story poll, his daughter confronted his wife and the two began screaming at each other exchanging nasty words at each other. "Our daughter screamed at her mother and nasty words were exchanged. They are not talking and this was two weeks ago,'' he said on Reddit.

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He said despite he and his daughter asked her not to start an OnlyFans account, she went ahead and posted pictures of herself provocatively.

"My wife went ahead and made the account and already posted some pictures,'' he said and continued: ''Now I'm strictly against this for two reasons: for my own personal reasons and because we have kids. I told her that I'm uncomfortable dating a sex worker and that our eldest has social media and so do her friends, this would ruin her."

The man revealed that he told his wife he is filing for divorce and asking for full custody of his daughter as he can't stand the shame of her actions and his little girl is also being bullied by her friends.

"Yesterday I told her I'm filing for divorce and I'd ask for full custody. I can't stand the shame and our daughter is heartbroken and being bullied at school. I never thought my life would lead here."

However, another Reddit user slammed the husband for thinking of divorcing his wife simply because she has an OnlyFans account and asked him to change his mindset and asked him to teach his daughter how to standup to bullies.

He wrote: ''What kind of outdated 18th century mindset do you have, thinking an OnlyFans account 'brings shame upon your family and children'?!?! Your daughter getting teased because her mom has an OF account is bulls***. Someone needs to teach her how to stand up for herself and her mom's bodily autonomy."

However, another user was gentle and understanding enough of the man and asked him and his wife to visit a couple therapist and restart their love and understanding for each other and not take a hasty decision for being heartbroken and give their marriage another chance.