Indian Couple Uses Guillotine-Like Device to Behead Themselves in Horrific Sacrificial Ritual

Hemubhai and Hansaben Makwana
Hemubhai and Hansaben Makwana Twitter

In a horrific incident reported from Gujarat's Rajkot, a couple cut off their heads using a guillotine-like device to offer in a fire pit as part of an occult-related sacrificial ritual.The couple reportedly performed some rituals in their field after which they beheaded themselves inside a hut to please the presiding deity, as reported by News18.

Police said a suicide note was also found at the spot. The note said that the couple, identified as Hemubhai and Hansaben Makwana, have died in the name of superstitious tantric rituals.

Couple Beheaded Themselves so Their Heads Would Roll into Fire Pit

Vinchhiya village sub-inspector Indrajeetsinh Jadeja said the couple first prepared a fire altar before putting their heads under a guillotine-like mechanism held by a rope. "As soon as they released the rope, an iron blade fell on them, severing their heads, which rolled into the fire," news agency PTI quoted Jadeja as saying.

The duo executed it in such a manner that their heads rolled into the fire altar after getting severed, Jadeja added. Disturbing visuals from the scene accessed by News18 showed woman's head lying in the fire pit while the husband's head was lying at a corner of the hut.

Rajkot sacrificial ritual
Disturbing visuals from the scene showed the woman’s head lying in the fire pit while the husband’s head was lying at a corner of the hut. Twitter

Couple Had Been Offering Prayers in the Hut for a Year

According to the police officer, the ritual was performed between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.The family members of the couple said the duo had been offering prayers in the hut every day since the last one year, Jadeja said, adding that the couple has two children, parents and other relatives living nearby, who learnt about the incident on Sunday morning and informed the police. A case of accidental death was registered and the bodies were sent for post-mortem, the official added.