Pregnant Mother of 3 Slaughtered with Her Womb Sliced Open as Part of 'Ritual Sacrifice' in Brazil

A Brazilian mom pregnant with her fourth child was discovered slaughtered with her womb cut out, possibly as part of a ritual sacrifice, according to police.

The butchered body of 24-year-old Ohana Karolin of Mogi Guaco was found by passers-by in Portal dos Lagos in the state of Sao Paulo on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Karolin's Womb Cut Open, Genitals Mutilated as Part of 'Macabre Ritual'

Ohana Karolin
Ohana Karolin Twitter

Karolin's genitals had been mutilated and her stomach and womb were sliced open, according to the authorities. The mom was seven months pregnant. There was no immediate word on what happened to the woman's unborn baby.

Police said they were looking into a theory that Karolin may have been sacrificed as part of some kind of a "macabre ritual." Karolin's mutilated corpse was found lying next to her short and flip-flops and a number of coins.

Area Where Her Body was Found Surrounded by Evangelical Churches

The area where her body was found is surrounded by evangelical churches of various denominations. The houses of worship often use a wooded space to hold open-air prayer services and vigils. In Portal dos Lagos, services and vigils are regularly held in open air in the devout Catholic country.

Investigators immediately called Karolin's ex-husband, the father of her children, to identify the body after her corpse was found. Police are also investigating whether a partner or boyfriend could be behind the brutal killing.

A friend told local news outlet UOL: "She met a kind of tough gang. I even moved away from her a little bit because of that," the friend said. "But I don't know what happened. She was really nice, she didn't have a bad time. Everyone liked her."

Witnesses Spotted Karolin in Black Car on the Day of the Crime

Meanwhile, one of her friends claimed she saw Ohana inside a black car around midnight on the day of the crime. Other witnesses confirmed seeing what appeared to be the same vehicle near the crime scene at around 3am the same day.

The police initiated an investigation concerning the incident and are waiting for a follow-up analysis from the Legal Medical Institute and the Institute of Criminalistics. The crime was registered as a homicide at the Mogi Guacu General Investigations Police Station.