'I'm Not Broke': Ohio Woman Seen Assaulting Asian Beauty Supply Store Owners Over Declined Card in Viral Video Arrested [VIDEO]

The woman is under investigation for committing a hate crime after she attacked the store's owners, both immigrants from South Korea, over her failed purchase.

A black woman in Cleveland has been arrested after she was caught on surveillance video destroying property at a local beauty supply store and attacking its elderly Asian owners over a failed purchase.

The incident took place at the Chic Plus Beauty Supply Store last Friday evening. According to police the woman was trying to buy some items using a prepaid debit card, which got declined at the counter.

'Just Give Me My Sh*t'

woman attacks beauty supply store owners
Stills from the video footage obtained by News 5 Cleveland. Instagram

In video footage filmed by the store's owners during the incident, the woman is seen arguing with the store owners about her $11.85 purchase. "May I please have my items please, I will leave and get out of your hair. You will never see me in your store again," she says. "All I'm trying to do is get my items, that's it. I'm not being belligerent."

However, the store owners explained to her that they could not give her the items as her account did not have any money in it. "The card was denied, therefore, obviously, you can't take the product out of the store," the owners' son, David Jo, told WJW.

"It's not cleared. We cannot give you anything," Jo's father says to the woman in the video, who then becomes hostile. "Just give me my sh*t. I'm not broke," she yells as the owners continue to record her from behind the counter.

Jo's mother then tells his father to call the police and that seemed to set her off as the woman leaped behind the counter, attacks Jo's parents and is seen vandalizing some displays.

"I just saw my mom today since it happened and she's all bruised up, her hair's been pulled out, she has bruises all over her body ... My dad's mouth was all bloodied up," Jo told WJW. Video footage of the attack was obtained by News 5 Cleveland. Watch it below:

Woman Arrested, Incident To Be Investigated as Hate Crime

Cleveland police Wednesday night confirmed to FOX 8 News that the woman has been arrested. She is facing felonious assault and vandalism charges, but police are also investigating a possible hate crime.