Who is Ramen Racist? Social Media 'Identifies' Man Who Rained Down Expletives on Asian Eatery Owner

A white man and his two friends were caught racially abusing an Asian restaurant owner calling him 'coronavirus' and 'Chinese flu' after he asked them to leave as it was closing time. Louis Grayson, owner of Ramen Lab Eatery, posted the video of the racial abuse on Instagram, following which it went viral on social media platforms.

In its Instagram post, the restaurant mentioned that they have zero-tolerance for violence and stand against any type of racism, harassment and discrimination.

Ramen Racist
Man dubbed as Ramen Racist was caught racially abusing an Asian man. Twitter

'Ramen Racist' and Friends Called Employees "Woke Sissy Motherf**ker"

The incident, which took place during the closing time of the restaurant, located at 25 Northeast 2nd Avenue, was recorded by its owner, Grayson. Speaking to AsAm News, Grayson, who is Thai American, born and raised in Florida, said that it was 11.45 pm and the employees were closing the place by stacking up the chairs placed in the patio when the three men turned up.

Claiming that the confrontation started after the man wearing pink pants, seen in the video, removed the stacked chairs and sat on them while eating a pizza bought from another outlet. After an employee asked him to leave as it was closing time, he started abusing her.

"'What the f**k you talking about. You're a little b*ch," the man told the waitress according to Grayson. It was then his two friends arrived and the situation got out of hand. Grayson then started recording the video.

The video begins with an employee saying, "I asked you nicely to leave; that's about it."

The employees are seen closing the store and putting away the outdoor dining tables. "Take your f**king China flu, and shove it up your ass. "A**hole, you f***king Taiwanese ch*nk, motherf**er," said the man dressed in white shirt and brown pants. He has been dubbed as Ramen Racist on social media.

"Well done, sir; thank you," says the employee. "Oh yeah, I'm over here; whattaya gonna do?" says the man.

At this point the man in pink pants is heard calling employee a "communist" and a "woke sissy motherf**ker" in a slurred voice.

As the 'Ramen Racist' leaves, he yells back," Shut up Coronavirus."

Social Media Identifies 'Ramen Racist'

In its post the restaurant had asked the social media users to recognize the men and report them. Soon after the video went viral, there were several users who identified the Ramen Racist as a business executive.

Apparently, the man has deleted all his social media handles including Twitter and LinkedIn. "Don't worry Benigno Fronsaglia, it won't last forever. But, it will definitely last long enough for all your family, friends and business associates (and all their friends & family) to see what a racist POS you are. Although, if this is how you act, I bet they won't be surprised," wrote a Twitter user.

"Info from another twitter account... "His name is Benigno Fronsaglia. Already deleted Instagram, LinkedIN, and Twitter. He may be the President of Meeting International, Inc, but I'm not sure if the rest of the board will want to keep him," wrote another.

"They found him on Tik Tok. @bfronsaglia Benigno Fronsaglia appears to have deleted his Twitter. He's been found and we hope the consequences he so rightly deserves keep on coming," read another tweet.

The social media users also condemned the racist rant against the Asian owner. 'I'm sick of people acting ugly. I know people having been treating other human beings as garbage for a million years but geez, is it too much to ask that we "do into others"?" wrote a user.