'I'm Her Soulmate': Man Catches Partner on Date with Another Man in Viral TikTok [VIDEO]

A TikTok video of a man catching his "soulmate" on a date with another man at a restaurant has gone viral on the platform.

The video, shared by TikToker @markyaa, has amassed more than a 13.4 million views.

'She's a F-cking Whore'

TikTok video
Stills from the TikTok video shared by @markyaaa. TikTok

The clip shows the man confronting the man his partner is out with. "I'm her soulmate," he says to her while holding up his cellphone screen for the other man to see.

The woman is then seen getting up out of her seat as her partner continues, "She's a f-cking whore." The pair then leave the restaurant together as Mexican music continues to play in the background.

The TikTok user who shot the video noted in the comments section that the couple continued fighting in the parking lot. Watch the video below:


Some found the video just as entertaining as Kya, who could be heard giggling as the couple walked away. As of Tuesday, the video garnered nearly 19,000 comments with many sympathizing with the man's situation, calling the man's "I'm her soulmate" statement "heart-breaking" and "sad."

"Honestly this broke my heart...Listen to the hurt in his voice "I'm her soul mate" hope you heal for the better," wrote one user.

"I'm her soulmate. Omg this is so sad," commented another.

Meanwhile, others felt it was insensitive for the TikToker to film the seemingly vulnerable moment.

"This man's heart was broken in two and yall recorded it. I hope he found someone to appreciate him. nobody deserve to be treated like that," one person said.

"Y'all are recording this without a care in the world," opined another.

Some commenters found the situation amusing. "LMAOOOO the Mexican music playing in the background made it perfect," someone commented, while another wrote, "She knows where home is you see she got right up."

@markyaaa it's the messages in his face for me🤣 #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff ♬ original sound - kya