TikTok Star Catches Mother-in-Law's Cheating Boyfriend in Viral Footage Viewed by 30 Million People

A video of a woman having a confrontation with the alleged boyfriend of her mother-in-law has now caught the attention of netizens after it went viral on TikTok. The clip, which has garnered over 29.3 million views on TikTok, is being received well by her followers for her courage to take on the alleged "cheater."

TikTok Star Catches Mother-in-Law’s Cheating Boyfriend
TikTok Star Catches Mother-in-Law’s Cheating Boyfriend Screenshot

The Altercation

"Can you own up to anything? Are you that much of a coward? Are you that much of a p*ssy to cheat on a woman that loves you? Gave you a home? Gave you everything?" the woman named Hannah is seen yelling at the person whose name is Dick.

How She Caught The Alleged Cheater

After her mother-in-law suspected that he might be cheating on her and informed her daughter-in-law, Hannah decided to find out about his real character. So, she created a fake Facebook media account and tried to chat with Dick.

To her surprise, he started flirting with her. Hence, she decided to confront him. "I want people to find their voice, especially for people who don't have one," Hannah said in another video.

She was expecting that something unexpected might happen when they visit his place, so, she decided to record the proceedings. "We were really hoping that it was going to remain calm and collected," the Daily Dot quotes her as saying. "And it just escalated and he got defensive," Hannah claims.

Narrating her experience, the TikToker stated that he had no respect for those that include the person with whom he was having an affair which forced her to give a nice tongue lashing.

Their verbal clash ended in a physical fight. "My immediate thought was, 'I need to record every bit of this just in case—if something bad happens and the police get called,'" she said.

Hannah claims that her mother-in-law is deaf and she tried to be her voice. "I wanted people to see that to hopefully encourage others to stand up for what's right, call people out on their shit, whether they're your parents, your friends, your boyfriend," she concluded.