Florida Man Kills Burger King Employee after Girlfriend Complains That Order is Taking too Long

Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes took his gun and told Desmond Armond Joshua: 'You got two seconds before I shoot you.'

A 22-year-old Burger King employee in Florida was fatally shot in the parking lot by a man after his girlfriend was upset and complained to him that her order was taking too long, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, 37, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder with a fireman, said the police.

The incident happened on Saturday night when the Burger King outlet reportedly remains busy. The deceased employee, Desmond Armond Joshua Jr, had reportedly joined the fast-food outlet recently and wanted to avoid any confrontation but was taken by surprise when Rodriguez-Tormes came charging at him a few moments after his girlfriend had left the scene.

Killed In Front of Everyone

Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes
Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes fired one bullet at Desmond Armond Joshua which killed him Orange County Sheriff’s Office

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said the shooting happened around 7.30 pm at the Burger King on the 7000 block of E. Colonial Drive. Investigation revealed that a woman arrived at the Burger King drive-thru and placed her order. Since it was weekend, the restaurant was busy that night and the drive-thru was backed up, which caused customers to wait for a longer time than usual.

However, the woman who was in the line was too impatient and annoyed with the delay. Witnesses say she got furious and got out of her vehicle and started yelling. The woman threatened the employee that she would get "her man" to the restaurant. In order to avoid further trouble and keeping in mind the inconvenience of the customers, the employee refunded her $40 and asked her to leave. The woman, even more furious at this, left the place but that was just the beginning of the trouble for the employee.

Killed in Few Seconds

crime scene
Kavis Rodriguez-Tormes has been charged with first-degree murder with a firearm, destruction of evidence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon (For representational purposes only). Pixabay

The woman left the drive-thru but waited in the parking lot in her black sedan. A few moments later she returned with a white truck with Rodriguez-Tormes, inside it. Rodriguez-Tormes was in no mood to stop and challenged Joshua to fight with him, according to the police. One of the witnesses even tried to intervene by pulling Rodriguez-Tormes off Joshua but he went back to his truck and got a gun.

Rodriguez-Tormes said, "You got two seconds before I shoot you," and without giving anyone to react shot Joshua. Both Rodriguez-Tormes and the woman then fled the scene in their own vehicles. Although the exact relationship between Rodriguez-Tormes and the woman is still unclear, police believe the woman to be his girlfriend.

Joshua was only a few days old at the restaurant. He was rushed to a local hospital where he died. Police recovered footage from the surveillance camera when the altercation between Rodriguez-Tormes and Joshu took place. Following this, deputies tracked Rodriguez-Tormes and arrested him.

He also reportedly dismantled the gun and tried to hide it "in a location which cannot be located." Rodriguez-Tormes has been charged with first-degree murder with a firearm, destruction of evidence and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.