Identity of KPop Idol Fined for Using Propofol Revealed; Ga In's Agency Issues Apology

The KPop star who was fined for using propofol has been identified as Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In. Here is why she chose to take the drug.

A report of a KPop singer being fined for using propofol made headlines on June 30. The identity of the singer was not revealed initially, but netizens started speculating. When rumors started spreading online, agency of the singer in question released a statement and clarified and the identity of the singer was revealed.

The singer who used the illegal drug propofol is Brown Eyed Girls' Son Ga In. Her agency Mystic Story released a statement and has apologized for causing inconvenience to the fans.

Son Ga In
Brown Eyed Girls member Son Ga In. Instagram

Mystic Story Statement

Ga In was fined approximately $884 [1,000,000 KRW] for using propofol between July and August 2019. The news became public when the plastic surgeon who had administered her with drugs including propofol and etomidate was indicted with a prison sentence. The 70-year-old surgeon is said to have sold etomidate to several patients including Ga In on at least 21 occasions since 2019.

Mystic Story issued a statement, explained the situation and revealed that Ga In was suffering from depression and severe sleep disorders. "Although Ga In and the agency recognized that it was not a socially upright action, we bow our heads in apology for not apologizing earlier and causing more concern with the sudden news," the statement read.

Depression, Sleep Disorders

"With the accumulation of major and minor troubles during her activities over the years, she experienced intense pain and depression along with severe sleep disorder, and she made a reckless decision during that process. Although the artist's personal pain built up over the past few years due to situations that cannot be explained, the artist and the agency, which should be together as one with the artist, were unable to find a sensible method for her to escape this [pain]. We feel strong responsibility for being lacking as her agency," the statement further read.

The agency assured that in future Ga In as well as the agency will make sure that the singer will grow and greet the public more maturely. The news was first covered by SBS News, which claimed that Ga In had told the court that she was not aware that she was using propofol. She had always thought that the prescribed medicine was a part of medical procedure.

Thus, due to a lack of sufficient evidence, Ga In was not punished instead was asked to pay a fine. But the surgeon is charged with violation of various medical laws. Moreover, police found that the surgeon had not maintained any record of medical procedure while administering propofol and etomidate.

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