Girl Group Member and Actress Caught Illegally Using Propofol and Fined $900; Surgeon Sent to Jail

A member of a popular girl group was fined for using propofol illegally. She claimed innocence and told that she was administered with the drug as part of medical procedure!

A girl group member who is also an actress was caught illegally using propofol. She has been slapped with a fine of $900, reported SBS news. Following a report of using illegal anaesthesia agent propofol, police conducted a search and seize probe at the celebrity's house. The police found the singer cum actress guilty of using the illegal element.

Cops stated that she was using propofol and was slapped with a fine of $883 [1 million won]. Suwon District Court's Criminal Affairs Division 3 heard the case and decided not to punish the singer – actress for lack of sufficient evidence.

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Selling Illegal Drugs

But the cosmetic surgeon who administered the drug on the celebrity was sentenced to 1.6 years of imprisonment along with a fine of approximately $2,656 [3 million won]. The 70-year-old surgeon has been charged with violating the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Narcotics Management Act, and Medical Law.

The celebrity had told the court that she believed that she was administered with propofol as part of medical procedure. But the probe stated that the drug was not related to any medical procedures. But cops said that it was true that the celebrity was suffering from severe insomnia and depression at the time of receiving the drug.

The surgeon is said to have illegally selling the anesthesia drug Etomidate to clients. He has been charged with selling 490 etomidates to girl group member 21 times at the plastic surgery clinic. Apart from that the surgeon is said to have received propofol four more times.

No Record of Treatment

The surgeon is also accused of not maintaining a record of the treatment. Surgeon is also said to have purchased propofol and falsely falsely reporting the actual purchase amount to the health authorities.

"The accused [surgeon] used or sold propofol and etomidate illegally, and did not record medical records, etc. Considering the fact that it was made to do so, the adverse effect on patients and society is large," the court said. Propofol is a sedative that is only used during surgery in appropriate doses. It is listed under banned substances in Korea.

It can be noted that recently, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office had slapped a fine of $44,800 on Lee Jae Yong, the imprisoned de facto head of Samsung Group on charges of illegally taking propofol shots. He was accused of having taken anesthetic at a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul between 2017 and 2018 illegally.