Namyang Diary Hairess Hwang Ha Na Says She Misses Her Husband, Likely to Get 2.5 Years Jail Term

Prosecution has demanded 2.5 years of jail term to Hwang Ha Na. Next hearing scheduled for July 9.

The prosecution has sought the court to sentence hairess of Namyang Diary, Hwang Ha Na to two-and-half years of imprisonment for taking methamphetamine five times. The hearing was held at the Seoul Western District Court and the prosecution has also asked the court to slap her with a fine of $440 [500,000 Korean Won]. The next hearing [sentencing] has been scheduled to July 9.

Giving an explanation, the prosecution pressed on the fact that the defendant had administered drugs even while on probation. "The defendant committed the crime again even though she was already given a suspended sentence by the court once. She has denied her crimes and has shifted that responsibility over to her late husband and not self-reflecting," prosecution stated.

Hwang Ha Na
Kpop singer Park Yoochun's ex-girlfriend Hwang Ha Na attempted suicide. Instagram

Charges Against Hwang Ha Na

Hwang Ha Na was charged with methamphetamine intake. Reports claimed that she had also taken methamphetamine with her husband, Oh, and his acquaintances Nam and Kim in August 2020. She had administered methamphetamine at a motel in Seoul again at the end of August, when she was on a probation.

In addition to drug use, she is also accused of stealing items worth $4,400 from her acquaintance's residence on November 29 last year. Reacting to the prosecution's decision, her legal representative denied the charges. "The investigation agency did not confirm whether the victim's lost item was actually owned. It is clear that the defendant did not steal it," Hwang Ha Na's lawyer said.

"There is not enough evidence to prove the defendant's charges. The investigation agency indicted him based only on confession statements from acquaintances, and there is no clear evidence to support the defendant's actual presence at the crime site," the lawyer added.

The lawyer said that due to false news, his client was receiving a lot of hate online. He said that she was being defamed due to reports connecting her husband's death to his friend's suicide and linking them to the largest distributor of drug called the Vatican Kingdom.

Hwang Ha Na on Husband

Hwang Ha Na broke into tears when she was delivering her final statement. She said that she truly missed her husband. "There are things that are unfair but I sincerely apologize and I am sorry. I truly miss my husband whom I loved dearly and I'm so apologetic about the acquaintance Nam, who decided to take his own life. I want to live a decent life with my acquaintances and family," Ha Na said.

It can be noted that Hwang Ha Na's husband had died on Dec. 22, 2020. A suicide note was found by his side that stated: "I'm sorry I made Hwang Ha Na do drugs." Some days prior to that on December 17, Hwang Ha Na had attempted suicide and was admitted to a hospital.

Previously during the probe in drug case, Hwang Ha Na had stated that her husband had injected a drug on her, without permission, when she was sleeping. It can also be noted that she had given a similar statement when she gave a statement against her ex-fiancé, KPOP idol Park Yoochun, two years ago.