HYBE STOP SABOTAGING JUNGKOOK Trends Online; Netizens Urge HYBE and BIGHIT to Respect BTS Member

South Korean multinational entertainment company HYBE and record label BIGHIT Entertainment received criticisms from Netizens on Friday (January 12). Several social media users urged the firm to apologize to BTS member Jungkook for removing credits from his songs on YouTube and adding the names of the wrong artists.

Social media platforms get flooded with messages criticizing HYBE and BIGHIT Entertainment under the caption -- HYBE STOP SABOTAGING JUNGKOOK. Netizens asked the record label and its parent company to respect the K-pop idol and investigate the employees for blatantly sabotaging the artist. According to the social media users, the firm is repeatedly removing music and credits of this artist from various platforms and giving credit to the wrong artists.

"Big Hit and Hybe blatantly sabotaged Jungkook by removing the credits on his songs on YouTube, crediting the wrong artist, not fixing his songs being removed from Instagram, and even neglecting to report his articles that talked about his achievements on Awards Shows and Charts while posting about other groups. The company's deliberate in-action needs to be investigated!" a Tweet read.

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Netizens' Reactions


Hi @YouTube @youtubemusic @TeamYouTube @BIGHIT_MUSIC @bts_bighit @GeffenRecords, Music credits are missing from all official videos of Jungkook's -- Standing Next to You -- on YouTube! Some also have artist credit errors. We have been reporting these errors for three weeks! Fix this now.

The Music/song credits are STILL MISSING on --Standing Next to You -- MV, Choreography, Live performance, Dance Practice, and lyric Video. @YouTube @TeamYouTube @GeffenRecords @BIGHIT_MUSIC, the Fix this issue. Correctly add the song credits back to the videos.

The fact that this is not a problem for ANYONE ELSE. It is happening to JK and JK only and REPEATEDLY. It is deliberate and needs to be investigated.

Bighit/HYBE not posting Jungkook's articles, removing credits & music from various platforms, giving credit to the wrong artist, etc, needs to be investigated.

No other artist faced this credit issue like Jungkook faced with his solo project in Hybe.

Someone in Hybe has been trying to sabotage Jungkook's music for the longest time! It keeps happening. It is not a coincidence! We DEMAND an investigation on this matter!

Something disturbing is going on. It only happens to Jungkook! BigHit/HYBE removing credits on YouTube constantly, removing his music from Instagram repeatedly, giving credit to the wrong artists, not posting his articles and achievements, etc, needs to be investigated internally.

The news media is even covering this issue and is questioning this suspicious behavior! How can fans not assume that this is a deliberate attempt to sabotage Jungkook coming from inside the company? It happens to ALL of his releases and ONLY him. Investigate and solve this immediately! We will not be silent until Jungkook gets treated with the respect he deserves!

Why do fans have to keep bringing these repeated errors to the company's attention? Where is Jungkook's management? The stress constantly falls on his fans, who certainly could do a better job than the hired professionals who keep making these errors! A top artist like him deserves respect!

If this company stops discrediting Jungkook, who is the money maker, by taking advantage of the sabotaging employees in the company. Please fix this, or we will send trucks soon.

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