BTS' Parent Company Hybe Plans to Enter Latin Music Market With Latest Acqusition

Appoints YG Entertainment's Former Executive Kah Jong-Hyun as CEO

Hybe, the South Korean music powerhouse renowned for its support of global pop sensation BTS and NewJeans, has made a groundbreaking entry into the Latin music through the acquisition of Exile Content's music division. This move signifies Hybe's inaugural venture into the Latin music market, with the specific financial details of the deal yet to be disclosed.

Hybe Corp

In a strategic shift, Hybe is expanding its focus beyond K-pop, especially in light of BTS members taking a temporary break for mandatory military service in South Korea. Isaac Lee, the founder of Exile Content, is poised to become the chairman of the board at Hybe's Latin unit, contributing his extensive experience to this new chapter.

Underlining its commitment, Hybe has appointed Kah Jong-Hyun, a former executive of YG Entertainment Inc., as the CEO of Hybe Latin America. This appointment aligns with Hybe's broader strategy of applying the successful Korean method of discovering and nurturing musicians to the Latin music industry.

This move is integral to Hybe's global expansion strategy, following prior acquisitions of Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings and Atlanta-based QC. Venturing into the Latin music market enables Hybe to tap into its vast potential, evident in the 26% surge in recorded music sales in Latin America. This growth extends to the US market, where Latin music acts have achieved chart-topping success, making Hybe's move strategically significant.

The acquisition not only allows Hybe to explore new avenues in the Latin music sector but also paves the way for a Latin global group project based on the successful K-pop Training and Development system. By leveraging its triumphant K-pop model, Hybe aspires to have a lasting impact on the Latin music genre, potentially shaping its future trajectory.

Hybe's acquisition of Exile Content's music division stands as a crucial step in the company's international expansion and diversification strategy. This move underscores Hybe's commitment to innovation and adaptation in the ever-evolving music industry. As Hybe continues to evolve and extend its global reach, its entry into Latin music is poised to shape the industry's future while solidifying its position as a major player in the global music market.

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