BTS Fans Divided as Jungkook and Justin Timberlake's Collaboration Sparks Controversy

BIGHIT announced on November 23 the release of Jungkook's 3D remix featuring Jack Harlow

The anticipation for the upcoming 3D remix collaboration between BTS's Jungkook and pop icon Justin Timberlake is overshadowed by a wave of concerns, mostly stemming from Timberlake's recent controversies.

Jungkook and Timberlake

BIGHIT, in its characteristic style, announced on November 23 the release of Jungkook's 3D remix featuring Jack Harlow, with the additional twist of including 'once a pop prince' Justin Timberlake. However, the news hasn't been well-received by a faction of fans who deem Timberlake 'extremely problematic' due to his involvement in recent scandals.

On social media platforms, a user compiled a list of controversial incidents involving Timberlake, including allegations related to Britney Spears's abortion and accusations that he spread rumors about her on radio shows for personal gain.

Some fans speculated that the collaboration might have been planned before these incidents, citing Timberlake's previous collaborations with other artists. One fan questioned the enthusiasm surrounding the collaboration, stating, "I had no clue Justin Timberlake was problematic until today, but if the fandom knew, why did y'all hype up the 3D x JB agenda so much? Because I'm pretty sure that's the main reason HYBE did it."

Addressing the collaboration, another fan suggested, "3D honestly didn't need another remix, much less from another problematic white dude like Justin Timberlake. If you want to promote 3D, I suggest an extended remix with another verse and JUST Jungkook."

Adding to the controversy, Timberlake's past stance on the Israel-Palestine war has sparked further debate. In October, amidst Pro-Palestinian protests criticizing US President Joe Biden and others for their support of Israel, Timberlake's signature was noted on a letter praising Biden for his moral leadership. This revelation led many to label him as an 'Israel supporter,' intensifying the tensions surrounding the collaboration.

As the release date for the 3D remix approaches on November 24th at 2 PM KST, the collaboration between Jungkook and Timberlake continues to draw attention not only for its musical anticipation but also for the controversies that precede it. The social media trend surrounding this collaboration raises questions about the responsibility of artists and the impact of their personal choices on their artistic ventures.