Husband runs naked for life after uncovering his wife's extra-marital affair with boss

A man in Bulawayo, second biggest city in Zimbabwe, was chased out his house by his wife after he exposed her extra-marital affair. He fled from his house when his estranged wife tried to stab him with scissors.

Wife Chases Husband for Busting Affair
A Husband Runs for Life After Exposing his Wife's Secret Affair with her Boss. Agency

Boniface Makoni, a resident of Bulawayo's Killarney suburb, alleges that he caught his wife Sarudzai with her supervisor Shingirai Nyamaropa at a secluded place in Glengarry suburb following a tip-off.

The issue came before the Bulawayo Civil Court after Sarudzai sought a protection order against her husband and accused him of putting her in an embarrassing situation in front of her bosses. "I have been married to Boniface Makoni since 2012 and in terms of the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11. My husband is very violent. He physically assaults me. He does all this in front of our six-year-old child and the abuse has left her traumatised.

"We are currently on separation but he sends people to take pictures of the house where I am staying so that he can make duplicate keys and enter the house. I am afraid that he will harm me, as he is also making false accusations while calling me names and coming to my workplace to embarrass me in front of my bosses," BMetro quotes her as saying in the court. She also requested the court to pass an order restricting her husband from coming to her workplace.

On his turn, he expressed his opposition to her plea and accused her of having an affair with her boss. "Contrary to her allegations that I am violent, a few days after I bust her with Nyamaropa on 7 July 2020 she is the one who tried to stab me with a pair of scissors.

"While I was sleeping, she stormed into the bedroom holding a sharp pair of scissors intending to stab me. I held onto her hands and asked my daughter to call my neighbour. As she was trying to stab me, I ran out of the house stark naked with my daughter crying," Boniface complained.

He also claimed that people at the workplace are aware of her affair with her supervisor. While defending himself, he said that her application was "based on lies" and an attempt to tarnish his image after he exposed her extra-marital affair.

After hearing both sides of the story, the court orders the couple to go for marriage counselling. The next hearing is on 8 January.

The warring couple has been married for 13 years and has a six-year-old daughter. Boniface works at a local bakery, while Shingirai Nyamropa works at Trek Petroleum Service.