Husband Having Extra-Marital Affair Infects Pregnant Wife with HIV-Positive Blood as Excuse to Divorce Her

A man, who was looking for an excuse to divorce his pregnant wife, allegedly injected HIV-infected blood into her in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The accused M. Charan allegedly injected his wife with HIV-infected blood with the help of a quack. The 40-year-old man was arrested by local Vijaywada police on Friday after his wife lodged a complaint.

Charan Told Wife Injection was for Healthy Pregnancy

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The victim told the police that Charan, who was looking for a "reasonable" excuse to divorce her, took her to the quack, who administered the HIV-laced blood injection. The woman said she was told that the injection was to ensure good health during her pregnancy.

In her complaint, she said she realized she was HIV-positive during a health check-up at a hospital. When she confronted Charan, he told her she may have contracted the virus during her pregnancy.

The woman also alleged that her husband had been harassing her for dowry and also insisted that she bear a male child, IANS reported. The couple has a daughter.

Charan was Having an Extra-Marital Affair with a Younger Woman

As per a Times of India report, the victim alleged her husband had an extramarital relationship with a 21-year-old woman from Visakhapatnam and claimed this is the reason Charan was harassing and forcing her to divorce him.

A case has been registered against Charan under relevant sections of the law. The police would take further action after medical examination of the victim.

In August this year, another Indian woman reportedly injected herself with her boyfriend's HIV-positive blood to show her commitment towards him. The 15-year-old girl's family later took taken legal action against the boyfriend after they found out about the injection, as reported by Indy100.