Gareth Thomas: Rugby Star Didn't Tell His Ex-Partner That He Was HIV Positive

A rugby star has admitted that he didn't tell his ex-partner that he was HIV positive. Gareth Thomas, Wales and British Lions captain, didn't tell his ex-boyfriend Ian Baum about his HIV status.

Thomas had publicly revealed that he was HIV positive back in September 2019. However last month, Baum lashed out at Thomas for hiding his HIV status from him during their relationship.

Gareth Thomas
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Baum Accuses Thomas Of Concealing His HIV Status

Baum, accuses Thomas, 48, of "concealing" that he was HIV positive and failing "to take reasonable care" before transmitting the virus to him while they were a couple together. Despite initially vowing to fight the claims. High Court documents prove Thomas has now conceded that he did not tell Baum about his condition, according to The Mirror.

He also alleged that Thomas failed to take reasonable care to make sure he doesn't pass the virus.

Thomas' CD4 Count Was Not At A Dangerous Level

Thomas had believed that he 'could not transmit the condition while his CD4 [white blood cell] count was not at a dangerous level requiring medication,' according to the court documents.

Baum also claimed that he had noticed Thomas taking pills and the labels on the bottles were also ripped. He has claimed over £100,000 for intentional infliction of harm, assault, and negligence.

Thomas Used To Take Tablets

Thomas had told him that he used to take vitamin tablets. The labels were removed to prevent his family from knowing his HIV status, according to Thomas.

The rugby star has also maintained that he didn't cause any personal injury to Baum and never used any coercive or controlling approach to keep his HIV status secret.

"In any event, it is denied that the defendant deliberately concealed his positive status," Thomas said in his court papers.

The claimant also never asked him about his HIV status, according to Thomas, who made his sexuality public in 2009 after divorcing Jemma Thomas. The case is could be heard next year.

In 2020, he was given a special prize at Wales' St David Awards for his work campaigning against HIV stigma. He is also a patron of the Terrence Higgins Trust and sits on the HIV Commission, according to Metro.

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